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Hewers is a niche market crisis communication, issues management and reputation consultancy. We protect your reputation and restore trust at times of crisis. We're trusted advisors in a modern economy.
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Time for novel way of thinking and doing businessMany models of economic activity will become redundant after Covid-19, including employer-employee relationships. 24 Apr 2020 Read more

#Covid-19: Communicating trust in uncertain timesIt's here. The coronavirus (Covid-19) has landed on our shores and it's spreading. 2 Apr 2020 Read more

Values count when doing business in a reputation economyWhen values are infringed, corporates erode public trust and face reputation risk. Neeran Naidoo takes stock of the damage. 3 Dec 2019 Read more

Building reputation from the inside-outThe typical brief of the communications department of a large corporate to their public relations company is to improve the reputation of the company. What is often overlooked, however, is that any attempt to improve the reputation without regard for what the company is, and what it is capable of delivering, is typically short lived, and puts the company at severe reputation risk. 21 Oct 2019 Read more

Forget finances, Old Mutual is set to pay dearly in the reputation stakesThe financial services giant set off on the wrong foot with the Peter Moyo crisis. But, how is Old Mutual managing its crisis after firing Moyo twice? Neeran Naidoo, partner in Hewers, assesses this from a crisis communication perspective. 6 Sep 2019 Read more

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