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Musa Kalenga presents "New ways for New Days" at #BizTrends2021 online
Musa Kalenga presents "New ways for New Days" at #BizTrends2021 online

Musa Kalenga is one of eight speakers at the upcoming BizTrends2021 online event "Towards New Norths & New Narratives" on Thursday, 28 January 2021...

By Evan-Lee Courie 23 hours ago

#BizTrends2021: Reassessing media strategies to re-connect with consumers in 2021
#BizTrends2021: Reassessing media strategies to re-connect with consumers in 2021

The media and marketing space has changed significantly over the past year due to Covid-19. Over the course of the year, advertisers faced major challenges...

By Strini Naicker 2 days ago

Company News
#StartupStory: Scaffold aims to promoting queer creators and culture in South Africa

With over ten years of experience in the media industry producing successful television shows, directing award-winning theatre productions and creating editorial content, Gary Hartley has created Scaffold, a platform for queer creators and culture...

By Evan-Lee Courie 50 minutes ago

The problem with switching from WhatsApp to Telegram and Signal

The hype around WhatsApp's new privacy policies has drawn so much attention from the media. Many different views have been expressed and some are accurate and others not so accurate. Be that as it may, people have been misinformed...

By Rirhandzu Shingwenyana 17 hours ago

To prepare for the future of retail, learn by doing

The integration of both physical and digital design presents a unique opportunity for retail brands...

By Graeme Brooks 19 hours ago

Know your IP: What it takes to make a film

Filmmaking is a complex collaborative endeavour, giving rise to many different layers of production, including the script or screenplay, the soundtrack, the direction, and the performances. Here we have a look at what every filmmaker should know about the intellectual property of film...

By Hugh Melamdowitz 18 hours ago

FCB launches campaign for Toyota's latest offering

Toyota South Africa has launched the all-new Toyota Agya to capture a bigger share of the country's small car market...

Issued by Nahana Communications Group 13 minutes ago

Up your corporate game with a chief experience officer

The pandemic has accelerated the steady pace of change with a notable shift in consumer priorities highlighting the importance of a chief experience officer...

By Yael Geffen 19 minutes ago

New York Festivals' 2021 Radio Awards open for entries

New York Festivals is now accepting entries for the 2021 Radio Awards...

1 hour ago

Prepare your business for the new lifestyles of the future

Modern societies are at a turning point where powerful lifestyle shifts are reshaping the ways in which we move, consume, work, learn, socialise and protect ourselves...

By Willie Schoeman 23 hours ago

Report shows western sources dominate how the Africa story is told

One-third of all African stories in news outlets on the continent are sourced from foreign news services according to a new report from Africa No Filter...

19 hours ago

They also crave it

It's not hard to imagine extra-terrestrial creatures living amongst us mere mortals thanks to sci-fi being such a popular genre...

Issued by Joe Public United 23 hours ago

Is UX the new CX?

One of the most significant pivots in 2020 we had to make was to adapt to digitisation - quickly! There isn't an industry or business model that was exempt from having to push all existing digitisation efforts to the next level...

By Johan Kruger 21 hours ago

Inclusive design is transforming the customer journey

Embracing inclusive design is a pathway to innovation that organisations ignore at their peril. Before now, it was common for the industry to see accessibility and inclusion as a box to tick somewhere within the design or process...

By Reynhardt Uys 23 hours ago

Type Directors Club commits to diversity with new advisory board

The Type Directors Club (TDC), the global typography organisation, has enhanced diversity within its leadership with the announcement of a new advisory board...

21 hours ago

Every agency dispenses advice, but it's a rare one that heeds it

Moral Hazard. Two words you don't often hear in the context of advertising. But then, you didn't really hear them in any context until after 2009. That's when we discovered just how reckless those Wall Street Wizkids had been...

By Stuart Walsh 1 day ago

Omnichannel - Chasing the marketing Holy Grail

Since time immortal, marketers and marketing technology providers have talked about the dream of an omnichannel approach to marketing. But to date, even the most sophisticated brands have managed...

By Richard Mullins 1 day ago

When to use chatbots vs live chat

If you're making use of chatbot and live chat solutions in your conversational marketing strategy, you're already well on your way to ensuring a happy working relationship with new and existing customers...

Issued by Vyb 1 day ago

Primedia Outdoor welcomes 2021 with DOOH expansion in Namibia

Primedia Outdoor, the premier provider of digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising solutions in sub-Saharan Africa and Nigeria, recently added a new roadside LED to its growing digital portfolio across Africa...

Issued by Primedia Outdoor 1 day ago

ESPN Africa collaborates with comedy character Bob O'Connor

ESPN Africa has collaborated with Bob O'Connor to guide local audiences through the NFL, NBA and other American sporting leagues on ESPN and ESPN2...

1 day ago

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