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You've lost your cloud data, so what's your backup plan?

As more software applications are increasingly delivered from the cloud, such as Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, Salesforce and Dynamics 365, the onus falls on businesses to back up and protect their own data.
You've lost your cloud data, so what's your backup plan?

As a result of the pandemic, the way we work has changed forever. Software-as-a-service (SaaS​) usage has increased significantly, meaning that there’s also a wider need for cloud-to-cloud backup as it provides an enhanced level of protection for data that resides in the cloud, beyond the basic storage offered by the various SaaS application providers.

Cloud-to-cloud backup provides organisations with the ability to back up data that is stored in one cloud environment and store it securely in another cloud environment, ensuring that there is always a secure, tamper-proof copy of your data available in the event of an outage or data loss with the SaaS provider, malware attacks or even accidental deletion by the user. The backup stored on the second cloud service serves the same purpose as having an off-site backup.

While SaaS vendors store a primary copy of the users’ data, this is unfortunately not protected against any type of data loss or error hence the need for a secondary, safer backup option. In the event of an outage or data loss, having only a primary copy of your data could end up severely impacting your business if you cannot access your data.

Cloud-to-cloud backup not only offers a safer and more reliable backup option, but it is also:
  • More comprehensive, as it protects the user against many possible cases of data loss, including outages to the SaaS provider’s service
  • Provides faster and easier backup recoveries
  • ​Easily accessible and convenient as backed-up data can be accessed from anywhere in the world
  • Immune to ransomware attacks on an organisation because the data is not on the office network

A number of offerings are now available in this area and from our own testing and research, we’ve identified an excellent, affordable solution called Keepit.

UpBeet Digital proudly represents Cactus’s KeepIt, which stores multiple copies of the data in their cloud data centres using military-grade security features. It also has the easiest restore functions, which have been tried and tested so it ticks all the boxes for security, scalability, ease of use and affordability.

Visit​ to explore solutions from Keepit.

18 Mar 2021 13:48