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E&T Minerals' CEO and COO land their first magazine cover

E&T Minerals' CEO and COO landed their first magazine cover in the January issue of Focus: Business and Lifestyle magazine.
E&T Minerals' CEO and COO land their first magazine cover
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Like many similar magazines, the publication typically features giants of industry. Described as the “young dynamic duo taking E&T Minerals to new heights”, it won’t be long until they are on top.

Almost as a reward for a hardworking career building their business that has spanned the course of nearly a decade, it almost seems apt that E&T is more than deserving of the accolades that have poured over from last year into this new year.

The magazine conducted an interview with the heads of E&T Minerals and included a quote from COO Daniel Eyre on the future of the company. “Our focus is on global investments and there are some nice projects that we are working on and I believe this will lead us there.” The “there” that he refers to is 10 years from now and if today is an indicator on the levels of success that they will achieve, their dream of being an industry leader is undeniable.

As an African company, E&T believe that it is at the forefront of job creation, sustainable social and economic growth in our beautiful and resourceful continent. E&T have taken the lead to pioneer transformation by being a youthful, energetic and driven company that is committed to excellence.

9 Feb 2021 09:27