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Influence: Conferences unravelling the power of influencer marketing

For several years, there has been a whole lot of whispers about influencing and reaching customers/clients via influencer marketing. These whispers abound on the internet, and often create confusions regarding the meaning, purpose, skills-sets, persons, and success of influencer marketing. Is there, really, any credit behind influencer marketing? Are we making a big fuss out of nothing? Do we even understand what it is?
Influence: Conferences unravelling the power of influencer marketing
So at the #WIM (Women in Marketing) Conference, made in partnership with the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and held in September 2019, leading experts were invited to throw light into the dark and foggy areas of influence (influencer marketing inclusive).

Leading experts invited were Elizma Nolte, Facebook Regional Marketing Manager of Africa; our own Stéphane Rogovsky, Founder & CEO of R-Squared Digital; Stacey Grant, Unilever Consumer & Market Insight Director of Africa; Taweni GondweXaba, Chief Marketing Officer at the Durban Chamber of Commerce; and Nneka Keshi, Client Partner at Facebook Africa.

It was interesting to hear about the power of women in influencer marketing as well as other salient influencer marketing tips. But if you missed the WIM Conference, you do not want to miss the upcoming conference tagged:

Influence: Conferences unravelling the power of influencer marketing
WOW – The Power of SA Influencers
(The True Value of a Dedicated Influencer Marketing Agency)
Date – 10 October 2019

Venue: Bryanston Country Club, Johannesburg

Stéphane Rogovsky, Founder & CEO, R-Squared Digital (a leading Influencer Marketing Agency), will further shed light into the obscure areas of influencer marketing.

In a pre-interview, Stephane said the following:

"Influencer marketing is powerful in sparking positive and easy conversation in that it provides the audience with personal recommendations through authentic storytelling that creates an emotional connection with the audience.

"Influencer Identification and Selection is key. Where most influencer marketers follow a bottom-up approach, R-Squared’s unique process follows a top-down approach that first focuses on creating a powerful dedicated influencer marketing strategy before considering any influencer, because while there should be flexibility around the influencers and their missions, there should not be any compromise on the brand.

"Content quality, relevance, authenticity, engagement, conflicts of interests and topics vis-à-vis audience demographics matching, can backfire on brands and these are only a few of the many controls that are performed during the vetting process before selecting an influencer. It’s important to have experienced professionals in influencer marketing who are able to anticipate and react to any problem, ably managing potential crises…"

To learn more join us at WOW The Power of SA Influencers Briefing on 10 Oct 2019. Or reach Stéphane Rogovsky, Founder & CEO, R-squared Digital - az.oc.latigid2r@enahpets.

*Written September 2019.
*Emmanuel Okonkwo is the External Communication Manager at R-Squared, a leading influencer marketing agency in South Africa. moc.latigid2r@owknoko.leunamme; R-Squared email – az.oc.latigid2r@srentrap.

8 Oct 2019 17:45