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Three reasons to use translation services for your business

Have you been wondering whether it's time to employ translation services for your business? Or perhaps wondering if it's worth it at all? Then this article is for you – to help you decide whether it's of any use, and whether it's time.
Translating your business is definitely a tough decision to make, especially when you think, for various reasons, that you don’t need a translation service – especially maybe because your customers aren’t located out of the country, or because you think you have nothing that needs to be translated.

The thought of embarking on a translation project for your business may understandably also seem very overwhelming and discouraging, especially when you obviously have “more pressing” company needs requiring your attention.

However, in today’s world, you need to do away with such limiting thoughts. They’re basically baseless excuses that’ll only hinder the growth of your business, especially when considering that with the array of available technologies like the internet and social media, there are really no boundaries, anymore.

Your potential customer, either within the country as an LEP (Limited English Proficient) customer, or outside the country – wherever in the world, is just a simple click away. Your message now gets to everyone around the globe at the same speed, if not faster than, it would take to get to your neighbour.

You only need to be willing to acquire this potential new market, and be more willing to talk to them – in the language they speak. That’s how you expand and make your business global.

Other than this overarching benefit, here are three reasons to use translation services, like Lingvohouse – instead of software – for your business:

1. You become more competitive

Using translation services opens you up to a fast-growing opportunity, a trend you should tap into as early as possible.

Because of the current nature of doing business in the world, where businesses are no longer limited by borders and now interact with people of all races and cultures seamlessly, multilingual marketing has become a thing. You really don’t want to be left behind, considering the speedy growth of the translation industry – the US Bureau of Labour Statistics predicts a 46% increase in translation job opportunities through 2022.

In order to beat the competition to capturing global opportunities for your business, it’s ideal you start using translation services immediately.

2. Your credibility grows

Did you know? More than 90% of internet users prefer to browse websites in their native language, and 75% of internet users do not make important purchasing decisions unless the product description is in a language they can speak.

Translating your business for foreign audiences in their various native tongues automatically gives you worldwide credibility, and hence, an edge over the competition.

3. You get it done easily and quickly

The process of translating your business to the wider world doesn’t have to be a problem to bother yourself with. Hiring professional translation services will take care of your translation needs for you, from documents to websites, and they will deliver faster than you thought possible.

In other words, you can expand your business and begin to attract international clients or customers immediately, without having to do any work. Professional translation services will do all the heavy lifting and dirty jobs for you, while you focus on your business.

16 Jan 2017 15:19