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SABEF and Columinate collaborate to understand up-and-coming township entrepreneurs

Columinate and the South African Black Entrepreneurs Forum (SABEF) have collaborated to better understand South Africa's township entrepreneurs and small business owners. SABEF recently kicked off the Kasi-to-Kasi SME development tour - an initiative aimed at developing potential and current entrepreneurs and small business owners to seek opportunities in their communities. The programme brings together academic, technical and strategic business resources to inspire and motivate township entrepreneurs.
SABEF and Columinate collaborate to understand up-and-coming township entrepreneurs
One key output of the programme is to better understand the challenges that these entrepreneurs face in order to facilitate tailored offerings for them. This was identified as a key market research opportunity and, as a result, the partnership between SABEF and Columinate was formed.

Matsi Modise, SABEF National Executive Director, says, "Delivering on SABEF's mandate, which is to Promote, Inspire and Grow Entrepreneurship in South Africa, is paramount and the Kasi-to-Kasi initiative is one of the vehicles we are using to do this in 2013. However, we also saw the gap for not only pushing information but also for gathering it in order to tailor future initiatives for the people SABEF serves." Modise added, "We are confident that the data we gather will not only benefit SABEF's initiatives, but will also prove valuable to other institutions that interact with small businesses and entrepreneurs. That is why we will make the final report available for those who seek insights into this market."

The Kasi-to-Kasi tour kicked off in March 2013 in Soweto, Gauteng and will run throughout the year across the country. After each workshop data will be collected and then combined to form part of the final report, which will be compiled by Columinate. The research focus ranges from the general aspects of starting and running a small business, to entrepreneurs' needs and attitudes towards companies, especially financial institutions, that are key in supporting entrepreneurs in getting their start-ups going from the ground up.

"Choosing a research partner was not a difficult task. Having worked with Columinate before on event evaluation, we were happy to pick up the partnership again," says Modise.

Elna Smit, Marketing Director of Columinate, says, "We are very excited to be a part of this project and feel privileged to work with such an esteemed organisation as SABEF. Being the vehicle to collect, analyse and ultimately deliver the insights into this market is a wonderful opportunity for Columinate. Entrepreneurship is a topic that is close to our hearts. Columinate was founded by two entrepreneurs in 2008, a year when the economic recession was taking its toll locally and not many institutions took kindly to entrepreneurs."

The final report will be ready by November 2013 and will be available to purchase from SABEF and Columinate. For more information on the content of the research or the Kasi-to-Kasi tour, please contact SABEF at (011) 053 7091 | or Columinate at (011) 461 6684 | .

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