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Children, animals or the environment? What type of charity would you donate to? A poem by Columinate

Columinate recently conducted research amongst 1611 members of their online panel into the choice of charities people would prefer to donate money to. Specifically, respondents were asked the following question: Imagine the following scenario: You have won R100 000 000 in the lottery draw. However, one condition is that you must donate half of that amount to a charity. Which one type of charity would you donate the R50 000 000 to?
Respondents were given the following options to choose from:
  • Humanitarian charity (e.g. helping in the event of disaster)
  • Elderly charity (for assisting the elderly)
  • Children's charity (e.g. Child Care South Africa)
  • Environmental charity (e.g. climate change prevention, environmental protection initiatives, etc.)
  • Domestic animal charity (e.g. SPCA, PETS, Wet Nose)
  • Wildlife animal charity (e.g. World Wildlife Fund, Save the Rhino)
  • Marine charity (assisting in the protection of marine life)
  • Disease/Disability charity (e.g. for Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimer's, for the blind, Cerebral Palsy, HIV/AIDS, etc.)
  • Social charity (e.g. for troubled teens, community, crime, education, housing, poverty, etc.)
The results are below. However, in a rather unconventional output, the results are in the form of a poem.

Here at Columinate, some research we did
About if you won the lottery where you would donate your quid
The question we asked was simple and sweet:
If you won the lottery, some money you could keep
But some you would have to give away
To charity, to make someone else's day
Now which charity would you best suit,
To give away about half your loot?

Respondents decided the charities they liked the best
Were the ones for kids and domestic animals or pets
When it comes to the charities for domestic pets
It's the ladies that do profess
To be more likely to give their money
To the dogs and cats, so cute and cuddly

When it comes to the charity for the kids
It's more black folk rather than white who prefer to give

The charities that were not considered so fundamental
Were marine, humanitarian and environmental

So that ends this research rhyme
Here at Columinate we are just sublime
We take care of your online research needs
And we do it at lightning speeds

So if you didn't get the gist of the research, here it is in a nutshell:

Most people preferred to give half of their winnings to a children's charity (36%) followed by a domestic animal charity (17%). Of the people who chose the children's charity significantly more of them were black as opposed to white respondents. Of those who chose the domestic animal charity, significantly more were female.

The least popular charities were environmental charities (2.5%), humanitarian charities (2.4%) and marine-based charities (1.2%).

About Columinate
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