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Black Tuesday: real-time sentiment revealed in three-hour survey

The recently completed vote on the Protection of State Information Bill (POIB), which has been widely criticised by human rights and media groups, was accompanied by a day of protest on 22 November dubbed "Black Tuesday". The National Press Club asked those opposed to the bill to wear black clothes or armbands in protest against the bill and various protesters were picketing around the country to voice their concerns.
Black Tuesday: real-time sentiment revealed in three-hour survey
While 400 MPs voted in parliament, Columinate polled 461 South Africans with the aim of understanding their perceptions around the POIB and Black Tuesday. The survey was conducted in three hours on 22 November just before the parliamentary vote in order to take a real-time pulse of the sentiment amongst South Africans as the story unfolded.

The results of the survey indicated that the vast majority of the participants (87%) were opposed to the POIB, with 11% in support of the bill and only 2% not caring either way.

Of those polled 28% were unaware of the Black Tuesday protest. Interestingly, amongst the 72% who were aware, 35% first became aware via Radio, followed by social media (23% in total of which Facebook makes up 17%), Newspapers and Television (14% each).

The survey also looked at the actions that people were taking in protest of the bill. A total of 48% indicated that they are wearing black to indicate their support on this day and 20% showed support with actions on social media sites ( for example: 14% have commented on social media sites and articles, 10% have changed their status on their social networking profile). A total of 44% indicated taking no action at all.

Lastly participants were asked to indicate whether they believed that the MPs would vote in favour of the bill or not. With the favourable vote already confirmed at the time of writing, it seems that 40% of the sample were correct in their prediction of this outcome. A total of 22% believed the vote would be against the bill, while 38% admitted not knowing either way.

About this survey
Columinate surveyed 461 South Africans on their online panel in 3 hours just before the results of the MP vote on the Protection of State Information Bill was announced.

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