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Columinate showcases talent, wins 'Best First Time Speaker' at SAMRA

Columinate, South Africa's first, leading, and largest modern insights agency, recently attended the annual Southern African Marketing Research Association (SAMRA) conference and walked away with another accolade. Sylwia Wierzbicki, head of Columinate's Psychology Lab, secured the "Best First Time Speaker" award; Columinate's third win in this category, and seventh win overall in the eight years the agency has been attending the SAMRA conference.
Columinate showcases talent, wins 'Best First Time Speaker' at SAMRA
The theme of this year’s conference was “Hype and Reality”, which inspired Wierzbicki to discuss the role of implicit insights gathering in the marketing research process.

“There is over four decades worth of research on the impact of nonconscious influences on behaviour and the decision-making process – it’s been documented incredibly well, yet no one has endeavoured to measure this implicit impact. Surprising when you consider that nonconscious processes can influence up to 90% of all behaviour and decisions,” says Wierzbicki. “Columinate has developed a methodology that adequately and accurately measures nonconscious associations, attitudes, and perceptions, which scales quite effortlessly.”

Columinate’s nonconscious insights gathering solution is called Boost+; an implicit reaction time testing approach that, with its flexibility, can be adapted to address numerous objectives from measuring brand associations, responses to campaigns, packaging designs and so much more. Over the last two years, the Boost+ methodology has been rigorously tested and validated, and can be applied to virtually anything. “If you can put a concept into words, we can test it!” says Wierzbicki.

For a more detailed overview of Sylwia’s talk, why not read Columinate’s e-book on the subject, “The Measure of Tomorrow: Why Nonconscious Insights Matter” – you can download your free copy here.

15 Jun 2018 16:39



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