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Heart 104.9FM hosts the wedding of South Africa's first gay reality wedding show!

The V&A Waterfront in Cape Town played host to one of the most glamorous gay weddings the city has ever seen on Saturday 26 March 2011. This was the culmination of an on air reality wedding show presented by Phat Joe's daily breakfast show (6-9am) on Heart 104.9FM in which male contestants could enter and stand a chance to find their soul mate in the Two Guys and a Wedding competition.
Heart 104.9FM hosts the wedding of South Africa's first gay reality wedding show!
Heart 104.9FM hosts the wedding of South Africa's first gay reality wedding show!
After a lengthy selection process 35 year old Lekker Larry was chosen to be the first groom. He had to decide between five potential bachelors who he never met but got to talk to on radio. They were all subjected to polygraph and background checks before Lekker Larry proposed to Hastige Hendrik at the Grand Daddy Hotel in Cape Town. Both guys wore masks the entire time and were not aware of each other's identities until the wedding day when they exposed themselves at the Altar just before saying "I do".

Yesterday, Lekker Larry revealed himself as Lloyd Kandlin, while Hastige Hendrik's real name is Shane Everts. Lloyd is an entertainer but also designs costumes for props and sets. He admits to being a family man and feels very strongly about the sanctity of marriage. He loves the outdoors and being adventurous. When asked what kind of life partner he was looking for, Lloyd said: "Someone who I can love and trust and enjoy life with, someone who can be a pillar of strength and my confidant." Shane Everts is 29 years old and works in marketing. He is an extravert, is sensitive and thoughtful. He defines love as a serious business comprising of discussion, understanding, compassion and support. Both guys are ecstatic about their union and can't wait to start their life together as husband and husband.

The couple were spoiled with an R1.8m wedding day hosted by the V&A Waterfront and Nautilus. The gorgeous and talented ladies of the electric quartet, Sterling EQ, welcomed the couple before they were married by Reverend Daniel Brits from the African Church. Onlookers were difficult to keep back as their demands to catch a glimpse of the couple became overwhelming seeing the grooms were now being considered as Heart 104.9FM celebrities. After an emotional ceremony the couple and their guests were serenaded by singer and solo guitarist Larry Joe and entertained by belly dancers from Cslled 'beverley from London accompanied by Caroline and Friends, and the vivacious performance of Cape Town's Odidiva.

The couple was presented with a spectacular 7ft high cake made by Simon Orviss before attempting their first dance together as groom and groom by doing the Tango. After just one lesson with Dizzy Feet, the grooms looked like naturals. DJ Didier Moestus and Heart 104.9FM's, The Knob, rocked the dance floor until the coupled said their goodbyes and sailed into the sunset on board the Nautilus. The grooms posed for wedding photos taken by Abigail K Photography while enjoying the soothing sounds of DJ Tess. There were plenty of other extravagant surprises that kept the grooms grinning from ear to ear during their wedding planning process, which are thanks to Glasshouse, Uwe Kloetter Jewellers, Isilumko Staffing, Coffee Right, Toureg Tents, Top Hat, Hildebrand Restaurant, the Oyster King, Blend, Pernod Ricard, 28, Creatus, Rosy's Décor, Rosemary Florist, and masks encrusted with Shimansky crystals supplied by Cary B.

The competition launched in February and is the hottest wedding reality show on SA's air waves. The 8-week journey of love and romance unfolded daily on Phat Joe's daily breakfast show for listeners to share in all of the excitement and build up to the wedding day. This was also a celebration of South Africa's diversity remembering that on 30 December 2006, South Africa became the fifth country in the world to join an elite group of progressive democracies that allow legal same-sex marriages. SA is also the first country in Africa and is currently one of the 22 countries out of 195 in the world to recognise same-sex marriage constitutionally. The competition has honoured the values and essence of this constitutional right and at all times adhered to being a truthful mirror of the couple's intentions and how they feel about each other.

Lloyd and Shane thoroughly enjoyed the wedding and are staying together in a hotel until they move into their prize winning R4m apartment sponsored for one year, on the 1st April. Once they are settled they will then leave for their lavish honeymoon abroad worth R40 000.

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29 Mar 2011 13:00


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