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Heart 104.9 – a re-branding success story, one year on

Cape Town radio brand Heart 104.9 not only celebrated its first birthday in February 2007, but also the first year of a re-branding strategy that has successfully changed the perceptions of listeners and uniquely positioned the station in premium target markets.
Heart 104.9 Managing Director, Gavin Meiring.
Heart 104.9 Managing Director, Gavin Meiring.
The station, launched in February 2006, has not only grown its cumulative, unduplicated audience, but it has grown audiences in highly lucrative market segments. It has seen a 15% growth in audience in its first year, up from 490 000 top 562 000. It has also has a seen a 17% spike in the lucrative LSM 6-10 segment, up from 446 000 to 520 000 in the last year. This means 93% of its audience is in the LSM 6-10 segment.

The station reports a 34% growth in the premium LSM 9-10 segment in the last twelve months. (These figures are according to RAMS 2006/5 July-October 2006.)

Managing Director, Gavin Meiring says: “Our increase in audience has come from our target market, which is hugely encouraging. We predicted we’d go from strength to strength and that’s exactly what’s happening. What’s especially exciting is that once listeners tune in, they love what they’re consuming and staying for longer.”

On average people are tuning in for 15 hours a week. This is contributed to the good mix of great music, intelligent talk and innovative on-air –and on-the-ground campaigns. The station predominantly attracts an audience in the 25-49 year old age group and enjoys an almost 50/50 gender split.

When the station was still the regional P4, it was known as a jazz station. Part of the re-branding strategy to Heart 104.9 – with the new pay-off line ‘Cape Town Soul – was to break that perception. Today, the station’s music is a unique blend of R&B, soul and commercial jazz. Add to this news current information, and typically Capetonian features and Heart 104.9 has become one of the most exciting radio brands in the Cape Metropole area.
28 Feb 2007 17:44


who on earth is writing your PR?-
Nice story, great positive message, well done to Heart. But who on earth is writing your PR - the positive message is undermined so badly by all the grammatical errors. What a pity. Otherwise please keep playing the great music but do try harder to find yourselves a new breakfast host - how about a NEW voice for Cape town, not just the same old recycled talent?
Posted on 5 Mar 2007 13:34
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