The benefits of job training for graduates

The modern business environment calls for rapidly evolving, global and information-driven business practices and businesses. This means that jobseekers and those currently employed will need to become multi-skilled and constantly work at up-skilling themselves.
An important aspect of this practice is job training. When graduates are placed in to an organisation or business, they are able to develop skills and abilities that support their studies and professional goals, through gaining an understanding of the working environment and what their chosen industry requires from them. Greg Forbes, Managing Director of niche communications agency Lion's Wing Brand Communications explains that it is imperative that graduates and job seekers understand the importance of job training and up-skilling, in order to be successful in the modern business environment.

"Most of the time, graduates can be overwhelmed or surprised when starting their career path, as it is the first time they have been exposed to the working environment, and it may be different to their expectations. Internships or job training programmes are an ideal introduction to the workplace, as they allow job seekers to gauge where their passion and skills lie, in the particular industry they have chosen, which is vitally important for the future of their career," explains Forbes.

He explains that in the modern business environment, employers are taking more seriously the benefits of hiring multi-skilled and experienced employees, as opposed to only looking for candidates who hold the necessary qualifications. "This makes internships and training opportunities even more valuable, as they equip graduates and job seekers with valuable experience and allow them to develop the basic skills they will need going in forward, to act as a starting point for further development."

Unfortunately, many graduates are under the impression that having qualifications means they will immediately be able to obtain a position that has good earning potential. Although education is valuable, experience and skill are equally valuable in the working environment, and are slowly becoming even more so as the profile for the modern employee calls for someone who is fast learning, flexible and technologically advanced.

In conclusion, Forbes notes that the high unemployment rate in the country means the competition for employment is constantly increasing. "Graduates and job seekers need to ensure they have the competitive edge, by undergoing as much training as possible and working on constantly up-skilling themselves."

11 Feb 2015 12:49


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