Orange Radio launches in South Africa

Telecommunications services provider Orange has been placing a lot of emphasis recently on the changing ways in which consumers are looking to access and receive content, which has led to the launch of its Orange Radio application and is now available in South Africa.
Orange Radio launches in South AfricaOrange Radio launches in South Africa
Orange Horizons CEO S├Ębastien Crozier explains: "The way in which the world is accessing digital content - whether it is video, music or even radio - is changing. Consumers are looking for easy access to personalised content on demand." He notes that in order to stay relevant, it is important for players in the online and telecommunications space to stay abreast of the latest trends in consumer consumption and ensure they are able to provide content along these lines. "From our research into the emerging trends in this regard, the idea for the Orange Radio application was born," says Crozier.

The application, which is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, acts as an aggregator (integrated with Deezer), providing users with free access to thousands of radio stations and shows. The catalogue features over 20,000 radio stations and 5,000 podcasts, which are sorted by continent, country and genres such as music, sports, news, etc.

Users are provided with a unique experience, which enables them to identify their favourite radio stations and shows, and even search for and download their favourite tracks. The application is already available in 70 countries, with worldwide coverage targeted by 2015.

Following the launch of the application car manufacturing giant Renault has signed an agreement to include the application in all of its connected cars, through integration in the R&Go applications embedded in the new Twingo. "Travellers will no longer need to alter their radio frequency every few hundred kilometres - Orange Radio provides constant and free access to the radio station of your choice via a bandwidth, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection, regardless of your position on the map.

"Orange is excited about the launch of the application in South Africa, as Africa is a key market for Orange in terms of the development and growth of our brand. The aim is to include as many high-quality, local radio stations as possible," says Crozier. In conclusion, he notes that Orange is willing to integrate new local radio stations and podcasts into the app, free of charge. Any interested parties are to visit to arrange integration into the app.

The app can be downloaded for iOS on iTunes at:

The app can be downloaded for Android on the Google Play Store at:

21 Nov 2014 14:54