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Etiket celebrates 11 years with eyes fixed firmly on the future

Following its 11th birthday celebration in September, the creative consultancy, Etiket, is all set to tackle future challenges in the creative industry by continuing to improve its business offering, model and structure.
Janhendrik Oosthuizen
Janhendrik Oosthuizen
Says CEO Janhendrik Oosthuizen: “Perhaps the most important thing that we’ve learnt over the past 11 years, is that any business – and that includes us – can only keep going if it keeps on changing for the better. Change keeps us on our toes. However challenging, change brings progress.”

He firmly believes that Etiket’s competitive advantage lies in its “ability and skill to create innovative and forward-thinking business and creative solutions. Over the past 11 years, this has clearly differentiated Etiket in the industry – and will continue to set us apart. At the same time, we believe in staying true to the heart of our business and our core values, namely to Trust, Respect, Add Value, Inspire and Lead. Only then can we solve today’s and tomorrow’s problems.”

On the client front, 2018 has been an adventurous year for Etiket. “We were fortunate to welcome new partners on board and forge mutually beneficial relationships.
  • “While we already have long-standing partnerships with FNB and Scorpion Legal Protection, we have been fortunate to partner with Old Mutual SA (OMSA) as well, becoming a preferred BTL supplier. We see this as a vote of confidence in our expertise in the financial services industry. At the same time, it has been very exciting to partner with OMSA just as they were busy relisting in South Africa and launching their new brand.”

  • Etiket has also been fortunate to partner with MetroFibre Networks, one of the leading fibre infrastructure developers in South Africa, to create an ISP brand targeting young adults looking for fibre connectivity at home. “MetroFibre and Etiket have co-created the GigaGo brand from the very first building block. We have literally worked together in positioning a brand in a neat market gap, created a brand name, visual identity, digital presence and the launch campaign.

  • “Working strategically, very closely with engineering consultants, VBKom, has allowed Etiket to create a brilliant case study proving the power of our REIMAGINE process. Following the creation of a strategic framework, we have been partnering with the client to determine the types of narratives the brand should communicate internally and externally – and we have since been rolling this out at a steady pace.
Celebrating REIMAGINE

“Our aim is to up the ante so that creative excellence in all spheres of the business will thrive and surpass clients’ expectations. In keeping with our own adage – to REIMAGINE is to progress – we will continue steadfast on this path to make Etiket, our clients and South Africa better,” Oosthuizen reckons.

To nurture a culture of Creative Reimagination, Etiket’s two award-winning ECDs, Paul de Klerk and Ricardo Rocha, established the internal Reimagine Awards.

“Positioning the awards with the internal campaign, Rediscover your passion. REIMAGINE, it encourages our creative thinkers (and doers) to regularly rethink creative work to show progress, to survive in an ever-changing world and to thrive creatively.

“Further to stimulating a culture of creative excellence, the internal awards will also get Etiket’s creatives ready to enter industry competitions like the Loeries, Bookmarks, Midas, etc.,” says Oosthuizen.

“After 11 years of consistently honing our collective skills and reimagining our creative passion, Etiket has never been better positioned to continue with what it excels at – to create or evolve brands in context so that they are clearly understood, loved and bought because people believe in them,” he concludes.

31 Oct 2018 10:46