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We're obsessed with challenger brands. They shake things up. They change the rules. They get famous.
And they do it with passion and smarts, not big budgets or easy answers.
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What type of challenger are you?Who are you and what business are you going to be in 2020? Is next year your time to be a challenger? 27 Nov 2019 Read more

10 types of challenger brand strategyOverthrow II, by eatbigfish. and PHD Worldwide, explores 10 types of challenger strategy. 11 Nov 2019 Read more

6 misconceptions about challenger brandsSmall, scrappy underdogs, right? Disruptors? Challengers? Aren't they the same thing? With "challenger brand" returning 120 million results from Google this morning, it's no surprise that some myths and misunderstandings surround the topic. As a consultancy specialising in this subject, we've compiled a list of six of the most common we've encountered, and our experience of the reality. 1 Nov 2019 Read more

Intelligent naivety: The vitality of inexperienceIn our previous article, 'What is a challenger brand?', we described the Challenger Strategic Approach and the Eight Credos of successful challenger behaviour. 25 Oct 2019 Read more

What is a challenger brand?Reversing the food chain is never easy. This is especially true on the African continent where many categories are dominated by large legacy businesses. It's not just that these brand leaders are bigger and enjoy proportionately greater benefits; it's that the superiority of their advantage increases almost exponentially, the larger they get. 18 Oct 2019 Read more

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