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SACAP offers you a wide range of qualifications in the fields of psychology, counselling and coaching with our one-of-a-kind approach to learning.
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Sacap launches Bachelor of Social Work degreeOur world of work is changing so rapidly that many young people wonder whether their chosen career might exist once their studies are completed and they are ready to enter the workplace. Social work is one of those in-demand careers in South Africa. Across the globe, the focus on social justice, climate crisis impacts and economic inequality is only intensifying, and the world's need for people with relevant skills and abilities to help change lives for the better is increasing all the time. It makes sense then that there's a significant need to intensify social sciences education and training to effectively respond to the changing socio-economic and environmental contexts. 5 Feb 2021 Read more

Sacap's higher certificate in counselling and communication skills helps bridge pandemic disruptionAs we move into the second year of life upended by the global pandemic, SA's school-leavers are weighing their limited options. While some will forge onto their chosen tertiary education path, others may be set back by not achieving a bachelor's pass or be uncertain about what they want to study. Travelling and gaining world experience before you make up your mind is off the cards for the time being, and probably for most of 2021. The challenge for these school-leavers is how to make the best of these tough circumstances. 21 Jan 2021 Read more

Is virtual coaching the future?This year, family life, school and study life, as well as our working lives have not just been temporarily disrupted by the global pandemic, but shaped differently for the conceivable future. There are going to be routines and habits; strategies and plans; ideas and attitudes that are never going back to 'normal'. 11 Dec 2020 Read more

Blended learning: Increasing personal study optionsFor many South African families, home study and home-schooling during hard lockdown were a shock to the system. For the majority of South Africans it was almost, or completely impossible due to the dire lack of resources. Many found it challenging; whilst others found it was revelatory; but almost certainly it was a mixed bag. As homebound parents supervised home-schooling, many got their first direct-experience and insights into how their children learn. Restrictions, limitations and compromises shone a particular light on how we all learn in different ways. 26 Nov 2020 Read more

Mental health in the time of CovidThere's lots of talk about the impact of the global pandemic on mental health; but so far, little action. There is still no integrated Covid-19 plan to address mental health, along with prevalent and linked issues such as gender-based violence and food insecurity. While lockdown levels have eased considerably, we're far from over grappling with Covid-19. Economic consequences are still unfolding, and worsening. Fear, stress, anxiety, depression, trauma and grief will continue to dominate in our emotional landscape for the foreseeable future. 29 Sep 2020 Read more

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