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Digital out-of-home - changing the airport media landscape

Mzukisi Deliwe, Director of Airport Ads®, unpacks the reasons behind the success of digital out-of-home media in airport environments.
Digital out-of-home - changing the airport media landscapeIn line with global trends, advertising in the airport space has come a long way in South Africa and on the continent. Airports are becoming prime environments for integrated advertising mediums that fit in perfectly and aesthetically within the space. In particular, digital out-of-home platforms are proving to be extremely valuable for luxury brands wanting to engage with an upper LSM traveller market with a high disposable income.

DOOH in airports includes digital place-based networks such as our very own® and digital billboards such as VisioNet™ - a new media platform that provides large format, high-definition screens.® reaches people in captive, closed environments and offers both content and advertising. VisioNet™ is a large format digital billboard strategically placed in the airport's high traffic areas.

So, why are these platforms so effective?

They fit in with the new consumer mentality that requires information to be on-demand and immediate. Consumers already are and will continue to watch, listen and interact on their terms, when they want to and in whichever format they choose. This plays straight into the hands of DOOH media. Why? Well simply put DOOH cannot be switched off and consumers cannot change channel.

Furthermore, DOOH works in real time. This means that we can change creative quickly and we can bring price and product to consumers at the drop of a hat. We are not constrained by lengthy print and flighting lead times and can now literally update content at the press of a button.

And, at Provantage Media Group, we believe in and thrive on innovation. Not only do we provide a platform for advertisers, but the technology and the entire backbone of the® channel is controlled in-house. This enables more tactical and strategic flexibility and allows for full motion video and animation and lower production costs with the added ability to personalise content.

DOOH illicits high recall

Recent AIR (Airport Insights and Research) studies have shown that of those consumers who verified an advertisement on® 76% took out a key message. Furthermore, of those who recalled an ad 7.13 out of 10 said they liked it. Liking an ad hugely improves recall and, in turn, word of mouth. DOOH cannot be ignored!

More about VisioNet™
  • VisioNet™ is the biggest indoor screen in an airport environment in southern Africa, measuring 37m².

  • The VisioNet™ screen is positioned in the bustling domestic departures area at King Shaka International Airport, offering prime real estate for advertisers wanting to communicate with this audience.

  • With 347,129 passengers passing through King Shaka International each month, the super-sized, full HD LED screen offers the perfect platform for the advertising of luxury brands, services and products.

More about®
  •® is a fully fledged state-of-the-art channel that features content and advertising specific to the traveller market.

  •® flights in 10 airports across South Africa and exposes brands to an average of more than two million passengers every month.

  • The screens are located in high dwell time, zero tune-out zones including security check point, departures areas and luggage carousels.

  •® africa flights at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (Zambia) to an audience of 120,000 people on average each month.
For more information please call Mzukisi (Mzi) Deliwe on 0861 776 826 or email him on az.oc.egatnavorp@izm. Follow us on twitter @ProvantageSA.

13 Jan 2015 13:46


About the author

Mzukisi Deliwe is Director of Airport Ads.