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TRANSIT.TV expands its static footprint to Denneboom

Provantage Out of Home Media's highly successful TRANSIT.TV™ has expanded to Mamelodi's Denneboom Station. This is a significant move for the fully-fledged digital channel as the station is set to become an important transport hub within the greater Tshwane area.
TRANSIT.TV expands its static footprint to Denneboom
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With the extension of the TRANSIT.TV™ static footprint to Denneboom Station, the benefits for advertisers will be substantial. A massive screen that measures 3m by 4m has been installed in the central hub of the station, which ensures that the channel is visible to 220 000 commuters moving through the environment on a daily basis. This number will grow as various transport systems, including Pretoria's BRT and Go Metro, connect with Denneboom.

Jean Coetzee, General Manager Provantage Out of Home Media, says: "Denneboom station is earmarked to be a significant intermodal transport hub in the not too distant future. Mamelodi Train Station connects to the rank, various rank areas feed into neighbouring cities and towns as well as other provinces and with the BRT system soon to be fully operational, Denneboom will be an important out of home environment for brands. For advertisers, this expansion offers the opportunity to take brands to this audience in an environment that is captive."

TRANSIT.TV expands its static footprint to Denneboom
In terms of retail, Denneboom is a hive of activity with informal trade and the nearby Mamelodi Crossing shopping centre in the Solomon Mahlangu precinct. The inclusion of TRANSIT.TV™ in this environment means that advertisers can now reach commuters in an area that is a few minutes' walk to a point of sale.

"The inclusion of Denneboom Station within our TRANSIT.TV™ footprint increases the value of the channel as advertisers can now reach this portion of the commuter audience, an audience that is economically active and enjoys the convenience of making purchases close to transport nodes. Furthermore, our latest TRANSIT TRACK research shows that the commuter audience makes impulse purchases, even more reason for advertisers to stimulate trial of product," says Coetzee.

For more information on how to advertise on TRANSIT.TV™ and at Denneboom Station, please contact Jean Coetzee on 0861 776 826 or az.oc.egatnavorp@naej follow us on twitter @ProvantageSA.

25 Sep 2014 12:35