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Overhaul of Provantage's comes with sophisticated changes, inside and out

The unique network with its close-on 500 HD screens in the nine biggest ACSA airports nationwide, broadcasts to a captive monthly audience of 2.1 million passengers and has established itself as an exciting new player in the local broadcasting and media scene. But recent developments at Provantage Out of Home Media have prepared the channel for an even more promising new chapter in its history.
Overhaul of Provantage's comes with sophisticated changes, inside and out
Overhaul of Provantage's comes with sophisticated changes, inside and out
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Steering the overhaul project is Jacques du Preez, newly appointed head of content at this dynamic business. "Information remains the biggest weapon in one's arsenal when taking on a complex brief like this one, so our discovery phase kicked off three essential steps: one, a ruthless content audit, two, a deep, psychological profiling of our 60% frequent flyers and three, an exploration of both the mindset and media consumption habits of our audience. Their niche interests, visual literacy levels and emotional intelligence became the foundation of a very comprehensive content strategy, fuelled by our brand values of being credible, relevant, entertaining and uniquely South African."

"We had to acknowledge that is not like your favourite channel at home - our audience sees the screens only because they're at an airport. The solution was to offer a content stream that would lure them away from their own digital devices, so that they would consume the marketing messages of our advertisers without a feeling that they were being marketed to," continues du Preez.

The team rolled up sleeves and collaborated with leading international interface design specialists and employed the latest imaging software to come up with a sophisticated new channel identity with wide appeal, titled Pure Air 1.0. (updates scheduled for early next year include Pure Airport in February and Humans that Fly in April). The channel identity now features optimised holding devices for the important news, weather, sports news, financial indicators and other info that passengers have come to rely on, seamlessly woven together by segments showcasing the best of SA fashion, photography and design, inspirational wildlife documentaries, high adrenalin extreme sports and award-winning short-form films and inserts, sourced from a variety of content partners.

The contemporary new look is fresh, elegant and inviting and provides an ideal canvas for marketers to spread their message. And considering that this audience is mostly affluent and predominantly educated and influential, the channel represents a marketer's dream out of home platform.

René Venter, GM Digital at Provantage, is excited about the potential and explains, "We've recently seen how creative solutions, developed in collaboration with our advertisers, have yielded impressive ROI and truly unique marketing communication. We'd like to invite the industry to meet with us and explore how content segment sponsorships, our new electronic broadsheet product and bespoke in-house content productions can take their products and services to new heights."

The jewel in the Provantage crown, the successful TRANSIT.TV network with its 7million economically active monthly viewers, is the next project to be re-imaged and optimised for the zero tune-out zones in which it broadcasts.

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9 Dec 2013 09:36