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New business for you - the "hello" that matters

It all begins with a "hello".
New business for you - the "hello" that matters
Living Your Brand (LYB) takes “hello” to the next level by connecting digital, communication and creative agencies with clients.

There’s no doubt that growth challenges face South African businesses in today’s tough economic climate. To help address this, LYB has launched a new service that facilitates worthwhile introductions and delivers qualified leads to agencies, with a view to closing sales. All our leads are sourced from our extensive long-term connections with roleplayers in the advertising and marketing sectors.

“We act as a trusted neutral party that connects people with ideas and key products with the right marketers and decision-makers. We facilitate the introduction and possibly more in terms of clinching sales,” says Jaco Van Zyl, MD of LYB.

New business for you - the "hello" that matters

“You can get better at winning”

There are numerous advantages in turning to a virtual new business developer such as LYB, says Van Zyl. These include not having to hire an additional salesperson, as well as tapping into a wealth of knowledge, expertise and connections at a fraction of the cost. LYB has developed a tried-and-tested six-step approach to make brands better at clinching sales.

The six steps are:
  1. Briefing session: a strategic ‘get to know your business’ workshop.
  2. Generating a prospect list: a prospect list is generated of clients that you would like to be connected with.
  3. Contact prospects: our team makes contact and presents your unique offerings to these prospects during initial introductions.
  4. Introductions: we cultivate the prospects to a point where they are eager to hear more about your offering and then introduce you with the intent to set up the meeting.
  5. Survey: measurement is key. We’ll provide a post-meeting report to help you sharpen your strategy even further.
  6. Monthly reports: these will measure the effectiveness of our service against your business needs.
“Contrary to popular belief, sales is not just a numbers game,” says Van Zyl. “Just because you are pitching to the masses doesn’t mean you will clinch more sales. While you may not close every sale, you can get better at winning. Rather than pitching big crowds and using blanket approaches, we help you target a specific industry or group with accuracy. We help you identify key stakeholders, resources and the buying power that can benefit from your product and/or services. In this way, you greatly improve your chances of making a sale.”

Connected with great precision

Nothing compares to the power of a lead – particularly if it’s an introduction from a well-respected source. LYB has extensive connections with active industry leaders, gathered from a comprehensive database of marketers who attend their conferences, such as the acclaimed Integrated Marketing Communication Conference (IMC Conference).

“It’s not just about introductions amongst strangers, but about nurturing an environment where new business leads can be fostered and groomed. Six years of relationship development with key industry marketers gives us a unique direct line to decision-makers. We measure everything and have the expertise to get you a one-on-one meeting with the who’s-who that your competitors can only dream of,” states Van Zyl.

22 Jun 2016 10:36