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Eliminate your fears and doubts about teaching English to children

The idea of teaching English to non-native English speakers can be daunting - doing this with students aged 3-16 years seems impossible. That's why Wits Language School offers a specialised course in Teaching English to Young Learners. The course is ideal for pre-school, primary and EFL teachers no matter where you teach.
Eliminate your fears and doubts about teaching English to children

Why specialise?

If you’re an EFL teacher looking to increase your employability in a growing market, a specialisation course will help you a lot. Employers look for specialisation certificates beyond the basic TEFL/TESOL/CELTA course because it shows interest, passion and dedication to the teaching role. Having the specialisation certificate can also increase potential salary offers.

Even if you teach in a public school in South Africa, this course will help you to engage your students more effectively with proven practical and communicative activities. More than two-thirds of children in South African schools learn English as an additional language, and English is often the language used for instruction. These students start their schooling at a disadvantage – and many never quite reach the level of proficiency needed to be academically successful.

Course benefits

The young learners’ course takes these language challenges into consideration, walking teachers through student needs, suitable activities and hands-on tasks that look closely at best practice in Early Childhood Development and beyond. Moreover, you can study in your own time, without having to worry about getting to class on time after a full day’s work.

In addition to the flexibility offered by the course schedule, the course is SACE-endorsed and carries 15 CPTD Points. That’s 15 points you don’t need to worry about and you’ll be doing a fun course you’re guaranteed to find useful in your day-to-day lessons.

Don’t wait

Teaching English in an accessible manner that effectively reaches your young students doesn’t need to be stressful. Planning and teaching lessons should be fun! No other specialisation pays you to play games, sing songs, be a child and make a difference like that of teaching English to children. Why not join us?

For more information about the course, please contact Maria Sesing (011 717 4206 | or visit our website at Course Date: 25 March – 3 May

11 Mar 2019 11:50


Melanie West
Melanie West
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