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Starbright is a company made up of an innovative and young team passionate about providing quality web development services, digital marketing, IT and network support, graphic design and more.
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How to repair and repaint surfaces after water damageWater damage can ruin the entire interior of your home. If the proper measures to repair the damage are not taken in a timely fashion, one could face recurring problems. 14 Nov 2018 Read more

Slender Wonder
How losing a small amount of weight can make a big difference to your healthIt has been found by weight loss specialists that even losing a small amount of weight and getting the ball rolling in the right direction is enough to have a positive impact on your health. Whether you only have a small amount of weight to lose or a much larger amount of your bodyweight simply beginning to move down on the scale will make a difference to you wellbeing. 12 Nov 2018 Read more

Website elements that are essential to making your website search engine friendlyWhen creating your business website, there are a few foundational elements which need to be implemented from the planning and development stages in order to boost its search visibility. These elements start with content, runs through the design stage, and continues after your website is launched. We unpack each of these elements and what is considered important during these phases to improve your website's visibility. 8 Nov 2018 Read more

How farming in South Africa can join the global villageHave you ever considered how quickly the global village is growing? Think about how smartphone companies released a new product every few years, but now they bring out multiple products per year. Along with this demand for newer technology to connect to and join the online community, farmers are also facing greater demands as populations grow. 30 Oct 2018 Read more

Mansfield Property Solutions
Answers to simplify the 3 challenges in residential scheme managementWithin the duties and obligations of real estate and residential property management there are three main functions which need to be intact in order to ensure continued success and stability of properties. These three functions, which can become challenges if not implemented correctly, are best performed through a professional building management company who can offer all these services as one solution. The three solutions required for a stable residential scheme to be managed are: 22 Oct 2018 Read more

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