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Digital Marketing Professional, Keynote Speaker and CEO of DigitLab
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The three-step process to effective influencer marketing
The three-step process to effective influencer marketing

Essentially, through any influencer marketing project, your brand is hoping to piggyback on a relationship that another has already built up with your ideal target market...

By Mike Saunders 23 Sep 2015

Mike Saunders
Digital marketing trends coming in 2015

Digital marketing is a fast-evolving industry, and companies wishing to stay relevant and competitive need to stay abreast of developments. Even better, they should anticipate rather than react to them...

By Mike Saunders, Issued by DigitLab 18 Dec 2014

Bringing emotion back to e-commerce with curated commerce
Bringing emotion back to e-commerce with curated commerce

Our access to information has never been better, which has certainly empowered the consumer, but at the same time has also effectively rendered them more indecisiveness than ever before...

By Mike Saunders 10 Oct 2014

Mike Saunders
Is your omnichannel approach really just a multichannel one?

Omnichannel is the favourite buzzword in the digital world of late, but not everyone has fully grasped the difference between adopting a successful omnichannel approach...

By Mike Saunders 6 Oct 2014

Mike Saunders
Authentic loyalty through brand utility

We are now in the age of the empowered consumer, and these customers are skeptical of traditional marketing tactics, all they see is a gimmick...

By Mike Saunders 29 Sep 2014

Mike Saunders
Retailers! One size does not fit all

We live in the age of individuality. No longer is it popular to be following the norm, and looking like everyone else. Consumers want to stand out and have their...

By Mike Saunders 22 Aug 2014

Mike Saunders
Five digital disruptive Frisbees (and how they affect your bottom line)

Andy Haldane, Executive Director for Financial Stability at the Bank of England in tackling regulation uses the analogy of a dog catching a Frisbee... Essentially, a simple approach is effective...

By Mike Saunders 31 Jul 2014

Mike Saunders
Tourism marketing: Power to the picture

These last couple of years have been the "Years of Images" and, as a result, the social media landscape is changing for all industries concerned. Social sites that are predominately visual, such as Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube have all grown in popularity and in visual internet marketing. This is especially true in the travel and tourism industries, and they offer incredible opportunities.

By Mike Saunders 30 Jun 2014

Mike Saunders
Tourism Marketing: Location strategy for your business

In business, you realise and learn how important your business's location is to its success. Not only is your physical location important, but also your digital location. More and more consumers are turning to the digital landscape first to find the businesses that they are looking for, and you need to be in their field of vision straight away.

By Mike Saunders 24 Jun 2014

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