Rishal Bipraj

Junior Associate at Garlicke & Bousfield Inc
Location:South Africa


Rishal Bipraj is a junior associate at Garlicke & Bousfield Inc.
What you need to know about the Competition Act amendments

Amendments to the Competition Act were published in the Government Gazette in February 2019. These are, however, not yet in force pending the publication of a date to be proclaimed by the President. Some of the more prominent changes to the Act are as follows...

By Rishal Bipraj 12 Jun 2019

New employers may be able to enforce restraints of trade

Restraints of trade relate to restrictions applied to employees to maintain confidential business secrets of the employer. They are enforceable by the employer through employment contracts...

By Rishal Bipraj 28 Jul 2015

Judgment determines state liability, wrongfulness and the duty of care

In an environment where much is made of accountability and transparency, a recent judgment has clarified the approach of the court in actions against the state based on improper commercial dealings...

By Rishal Bipraj 13 Mar 2015

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