Devan Moonsamy

CEO at The ICHAF Training Institute
Location:South Africa


CEO at The ICHAF Training Institute
How to remain successful despite load shedding

Load shedding has been a literal on and off game for South Africans...

By Devan Moonsamy 24 Feb 2020

Sona 2020's impact on the learning year ahead

The State of the Nation address for the year 2020 most certainly has been a memorable one. Despite the 90-minute delay, South Africans were enlightened by the hope of a positive year ahead with many opportunities...

By Devan Moonsamy 18 Feb 2020

Classism in South Africa: What's happening in our shops?

As much as we hate to admit it classism is still very much alive and well in South Africa, particularly within our retail sector. Devan Moonsamy unpacks the term classism and how organisations can train it out so that they are able to be a more inclusive...

By Devan Moonsamy 20 Mar 2018

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