David Jenkins is the Co-Founder at Mickey Llew. David has worked across several clients including Investec and Pizza Hut where organic and paid media strategies were crafted, created, launched and managed.
Why should you get to know BERT?

Businesses seeking to optimise their websites for SEO need to keep their content fresh and up to date to stay ahead of Google's ever-evolving search algorithms...

By David Jenkins 14 Feb 2020

Embrace organic search to maximise sales this festive season

Businesses that currently rely solely on paid-for Google search to attract consumers to their offerings should also be incorporating organic search...

By David Jenkins 14 Nov 2019

Five ways to hack Google rankings (Kidding. You can't. But you can do this...)

David Jenkins, founder and partner at digital marketing agency MickeyLlew, look at how to use customer reviews to boost your website's organic ranking on Google...

By David Jenkins 14 Jan 2019

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