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Why your mobile strategy should be top of mindFifteen years ago, the idea of carrying a personal computer in your pocket was unfathomable. The fact that modern mobile devices are millions of times more powerful than the spacecraft guidance computers that helped astronauts navigate all the way to the moon in the 1960s is equally hard to believe. 22 Jan 2021 Read more

Pros and cons of cross-platform app developmentBusinesses across the globe are investing heavily in mobile apps to easily drive traffic to their websites. However, it remains a challenge for business owners to choose between developing a native app or a cross-platform app. 21 Jan 2021 Read more

Introducing a better staffing model for the futureWhen embarking on a new web development project, businesses need to find the most cost-effective model that will deliver the best results for capacity planning as well as project management planning. There are normally two common models to choose from, fixed cost or time and materials. However, there is another often overlooked approach, the Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) model. 20 Jan 2021 Read more

Choosing between agile and waterfallThe traditional waterfall software development methodology is fast losing its popularity as more companies adopting the agile model. Each model offers a different way to deliver a project, but deciding which is best suited depends on the scope of the project. 20 Jan 2021 Read more

Did Black Friday 2020 give us a glimpse into the future of retail?Traditionally, scenes from global Black Friday sales depict packed stores and long lines of shoppers fighting to secure the best deals. But in 2020, the annual shopping holiday looked a little different. 20 Jan 2021 Read more

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