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We're a full house of design, creative and digital expertise!

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Vee Station helps a young prodigy find his entrepreneurial feetFrom time to time you meet someone and get the feeling that they possess that spark. You know, the spark that could set the world alight. This time, the spark was only nine years old with a dream to clean up the beaches of the world, starting in Cape Town. A coffee later and a stack of handwritten notes with his "business plan" on, Rocco's pitch had me at hello! I knew that I wanted to work with him. 7 Aug 2018 Read more

Vee Station helps disrupt a major Cape Town industry!In 2017 we had the privilege of launching an innovative brand onto the market at precisely the right time to disrupt an industry ripe for radical change: the tourism industry. The name of the brand we helped launch is Cape Comoot. 12 Feb 2018 Read more

Designing desireEver been white water rafting? Me neither, for one very specific reason. I have an obscure fear of being thrown overboard and getting my foot stuck in one of the dingy handles while my head is held under the water. Just as I break free I get hit by another wave, followed by another and yet another. Soon I am unable to take more than a quarter breath before swallowing more water. Weird right!? I think not! What is actually happening to me is that my daily experience of being bombarded by wave after wave of mediocre brands and advertising in the world around me, that I'm manifesting by waking up in a puddle of sweat after dreaming about something that could potentially be a fantastic experience. 16 Mar 2017 Read more

Vee Station creates unique experiences - UXThe world is changing, fast. No longer does the internet hold the drawcard on its own, but businesses need unique experiences to hold the attention of their users. For a while now the big internet buzzword has been... UX, a.k.a. User Experience. What does a user experience when he/she arrives at and interacts with your website? If a user has to ask, "Where must I go?" or "What must I do?" then your UX department has failed dismally. I feel sorry for the UX guys, because when the buck gets passed, it inevitably lands in the lap of the UX chief! Our sales are down this... blame the UX guy because users weren't enticed enough to buy our product. Our bounce rate is higher this month... blame the UX guy! People didn't share our pages on social media... Blame the UX guy! The highest level of stress comes as par for the course for the UX guys... 15 Dec 2016 Read more

Vee Station, the most creative agency has arrived in Cape TownSimply put, we have now opened a physical office in Cape Town. For some having a hot desk is convenient and sufficient. For us it would never work. We wanted to create a space in Cape Town that we could make our own, a space where creativity could flow like a single-origin espresso. Being the most creative agency (in our minds) we needed a place that felt like ours and not a borrowed desk in somebody else's office. 16 Nov 2016 Read more

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Johannesburg office: 010 595 3562
Cape Town Office: 060 791 8492
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