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Happy International Women's Day!

Our tribute is to the womxn who came before us and those who will continue to pave the way. Our country would not have its freedoms without Winnie Madikizela Mandela's bravery. South Africa would not be able to make history by qualifying for the World Cup without Banyana Banyana. South Africa's bold and colourful culture would not be understood if it was not for the likes of Dr. Esther Mahlangu. To mark International Women's Day and create a homage to womxn who have influenced our present, and will continue to shape our future, we would like to honour Reshma Moopanar, E&T Minerals' head of compliance.
Reshma Moopanar
Reshma Moopanar
When you get to know Reshma Moopanar, you will find that her life details the highs and lows of an incredible journey from humble beginnings in Kwa-Zulu Natal, to the grandeur of the Northern Johannesburg and life as one of South Africa’s most accomplished advocates. She is a person who is able to adapt to any situation she finds herself in and can commandeer language with the common man to a packed boardroom. She is not fond of overt leadership text, but her insights are packed with parallels for leading in everyday situations and not just for those in assigned leadership roles. Calculated in her decisions, she has allowed E&T Minerals the necessary solutions that make it one of Africa’s fastest growing companies.

We see how Reshma Moopanar is shaped by her parents’ strong family values, providing a stable loving home to nurture her and her son. She was taught to respect herself and others, to work hard, be tenacious, have integrity and to use her voice.

With the use of subtle language and impeccable finesse, Reshma drives home the point of justice. She advocates the voice of womxn to be heard and the need to give it a room. She raises her issue with the growing intellectual society’s archaic views and bashes them with her pointed arguments.

Normally, for me and you, we often ask ourselves “Am I good enough?”. This is something many of us struggle with daily, being a human trait. Reshma Moopanar does not ever allow herself to contemplate that idea. That is not important to her because it is what she does about that question that matters. Once you start to understand her ambitious drive and sheer determination, how she defied the seed of doubt that saw her achieve sterling results at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal and in the corporate space, you will understand how special she is.

We encourage the girlchild and womxn all over the world to strengthen your inner convictions, inspire self-mastery and we encourage you strive for authentic leadership; to lead by example, aim for the highest standards and work hard to achieve them. We want to thank all of the womxn that work with and for E&T Minerals, from the miners to the executives. We would not be in this position without you. May we continue to grow and shake up the industry!

8 Mar 2021 12:25