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'GBV is unnatural and inhumane' - veteran broadcaster Thuli Moagi on #PhenomenalWomaninYOU special edition

As the number of cases of gender-based violence continues to rise, veteran broadcaster, Thuli Moagi, has described gender-based violence as "unnatural" and "inhumane".
'GBV is unnatural and inhumane' - veteran broadcaster Thuli Moagi on #PhenomenalWomaninYOU special edition
Moagi was part of the You FM’s Women’s Month campaign to celebrate women who have left a mark through their careers and who continue to push the boundaries in their respective fields.

“Gender-based violence opposes the principle of love altogether. If you are violent, it comes from you. It is what you have and it is what you give. It unusual, it is inhumane and unnatural. You cannot cannibalize on anyone, especially people who cannot defend themselves. So, if a woman is your prey it means you are a predator,” said Moagi

Moagi also known as ‘the voice of comfort’ started her career in broadcasting in 1979 and stayed in the industry until 1996. She had no formal broadcast training, but excelled and became the first Black woman to take up a top position at Radio Bop as a station manager.

The veteran broadcaster told Newsnote that all she got was on-the-job training.

“Back in the day you had to do programming and learning while you’re on the job. But to do this effectively you need to communicate,” she added.

Another veteran broadcaster and station’s programming manager, Gadifele Mahuma said when she was still working at Bop TV, GBV was prevalent but it was “swept under the carpet”.

“Males have always been dominating the industry be it radio or TV and women had to work twice as hard to get top positions. But because it was a male-dominated industry it was easy for women to be sexually harassed or assaulted and it was nothing unusual. However, how it was handled was very different from how it is handled today. Back then, most of the cases would be swept under the carpet because you wouldn’t want to rub people the wrong way up and you would also fear losing your job,” said Mahuma.

Mahuma said the campaign that the station launched themed 'Phenomenal Women in You' aims to empower women who are changing the game in male dominated industries to dismantle patriarchal systems.

The veterans urged women to speak out against gender-based violence. You FM will be hosting phenomenal women through the month of August.

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13 Aug 2020 09:36


Once again, radio restores itself with a breath of fresh air from the North West Province, the cradle of black radio excellence. I have been listening to radio for years and i find them to be 'the truth YOU seek'. It may be early days but i am hooked on their energy and the fight against GBV. Their morning show is hilarious, a smart play on language diversity and gender sensitivity. I love the evening show as well. I am in tune.
Posted on 16 Aug 2020 00:13