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How to become the owner of an award-winning boutique franchise

There are many misconceptions about becoming a Body20 franchise owner, the main one being that you need to be an expert in the health and fitness industry. Let's debunk some myths surrounding this role, explore tips for success and find out what makes the perfect Body20 owner.
How to become the owner of an award-winning boutique franchise

Health, wellness and fitness has been growing at a much faster pace than the economy in general, and boutique fitness is doing even better. This was true before Covid-19, but it is predicted to amplify even more now as consumers look for a safer, lower volume and more controlled training environment.

Body20 CEO Philip Hughes says, “The reason business owners choose the franchise model, is because they receive the training, tools and resources required to be successful. The only skills they need is an interest in helping people achieve their fitness and wellness goals, an incredible amount of energy and a willingness to learn.”

Benefits of becoming a Body20 franchise owner

Franchising is essentially an education system. “We have paid the school fees; we have the bloody nose. We know what works and what doesn’t,” explains Hughes.

The combination of Body20’s unique EMS technology, its upmarket training studios and rapid results make Body20 an exciting franchise opportunity. Owning a Body20 studio can be a lucrative business opportunity with great returns. You’ll be guided you every step of the way – from finding the best premises to kitting out your studio.

The best possible systems and tools have been developed and incorporated into Body20’s own business system. Having a business in the US means the company is exposed to products and resources that simply would not be available if only operating in SA. Hughes comments: “Our holistic approach to our product offering means our franchisees are able to offer their members products and solutions that our competitors simply don’t have. Plus, the critical mass we now have in the market means our franchisees benefit from that exposure and brand presence.”

Tops tips for running a successful Body20 franchise

Background and experience are far less critical than one might think. Body20 has franchisees that have been, or still are, doctors, lawyers, bankers, panel beaters as well as serial entrepreneurs. They do, however, all have a passion for people, fitness and wellbeing.

“Our business is about people and the relationships that are formed between members and the Body20 team,” explains Hughes. “Owners need to be present and exhibit ‘extreme ownership’ to be really successful. That does not mean the owner needs to be there every minute of every day, but they must be visible to the members and enjoy those interactions.”

Body20 is dedicated to ensuring the success of its studio owners, helping entrepreneurs set up their own Body20 EMS studio and providing continuous training to ensure the franchise’s ongoing success. We will prepare a professional business plan for you and your investment includes all Body20 equipment, furniture, marketing, and operator training.

This investment opportunity includes:
  • Low Overheads, High Returns
  • Earn Subscription Revenue
  • Fastest-growing Fitness Training Method
  • Single or Multi Studio Strategy
  • Automated Management Systems
For more information on how to own your own award-winning fitness boutique franchise, attend a Franchise Discovery Session and find out why Body20 is the most exciting boutique fitness franchise opportunity!

2 Mar 2021 10:15