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#SustainableSA - showing citizens how to make the SDGs theirs

SAICA launches #SustainableSA, a project that will provide focused monthly information on the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), so all South Africans can join the journey and take action.
#SustainableSA - showing citizens how to make the SDGs theirs

In 2015, the United Nations set 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be achieved by 2030. The overarching goal of the SDGs is to ensure a sustainable future, one that is peaceful and prosperous for both ourselves and our planet.

The SDGs have been built on five P’s: People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnership, and by working on each of these, SAICA believes we can overcome the many challenges we as a country face. “We need to start having different discussions in our boardrooms,” says Chantyl Mulder, Executive Director of SAICA Nation Building, who emphasises that now is the time to build sustainable businesses, grow communities and eradicate poverty and unemployment. “It’s no longer about maximising profits at the cost of our people and our planet.”

Queue the launch of #Sustainable SA, a project that will release a rich programme of informative and accessible articles, tips, podcasts, webinars, Q&As, events and fundraisers, focusing on educating the public about the 17 SDGs. SAICA has also designed uniquely South African graphics for each SDG to help create a sense of ownership and pride, and encourage us to embrace the goals locally. Visitors are encouraged to download these from the website.

“Our aim is to help South Africa understand and achieve all the SDGs,” says Belinda Carreira, CA(SA), Managing Director of Well Advisers, and Project Manager of #SustainableSA. “In South Africa, we have ‘pockets of expertise’ on the SDGs and we want to bring these together, to share their wisdom on a consolidated platform, to enable the transformation of decision-making, and to encourage more resilient and sustainable businesses models,” she explains.

#SustainableSA is aimed at all South Africans, as well as the global business community including Professor Thuli Madonsela who recently recorded a special short video clip about the initiative. “We believe that as we roll the project out and cover a different SDG each month, people will begin to understand more about what each goal is, what the targets are and where they can play a valuable part,” says Carreira.

She adds that more than ever, we need a collaborative approach to protecting the earth and all that live in it. “The steps that need to be taken don’t have to be big, this really is one instance where every little bit helps,” she says.

“Using the #SustainableSA platform, we have an opportunity to show all South Africans, both from a personal and professional perspective, what these little steps are and to give them the confidence to start walking the journey with us, so we can transform our country beyond our expectations,” concludes Carreira.

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21 Dec 2020 13:18