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Beat your online competition: The Algorithm Market Share Analysis

Johannesburg-based Algorithm Agency has just launched a groundbreaking Market Share Analysis that can help drive a business's digital strategy and drive more return on investment during these difficult times.

The Algorithm Market Share Analysis provides critical data led insights into yours and your competitors online strengths and weaknesses.

The analysis answers these difficult but essential business questions:
  1. How do you beat your online competitors without spending more?
  2. What is the potential size of your market?
  3. What are people searching for and how visible is your business on Google?
  4. Who is your competition and how can you outsmart them?

The analysis can tell you what people are searching for in relation to your business and where you and your competitors are weak and strong.

Evaluate your digital potential

The Market Share Analysis identifies what your target market is searching for as well as the number of searches per month (volume), which gives a clear picture of what your potential target market is.

The analysis then takes your target market data and overlays that against your site’s current performance and visibility on Google.

This means you can see where you are currently strong and more importantly where there are gaps in the market. Removing the ‘shotgun-based’ approach to marketing and providing a laser-focused set of priorities to work against.

The analysis also overlays your competitor’s data allowing you to see where they are performing or under-performing.

Greame Stiles, founding director at Algorithm, explains:

“To ensure you are getting a strong return on investment from your digital marketing, you need detailed data. There is no way around this and too often we see a hit-and-miss shotgun approach to e-commerce marketing and traffic-driving efforts. This typically results in a very low return on investment. Gathering and making sense of all the data is hard work. This is why we developed a simple yet rich analysis that any business can use to help define a winning online strategy.

By overlaying detailed data with your competitor’s information gives a clearer picture of where low-cost but high-return opportunities lie. People always talk of the 80/20 rule and this resonates, imagine being able to put 90% to 95% of your resources behind the 20% that works – the return would be significantly higher and carry far less wastage.”

We are going through a period where marketing budgets are reduced or severely restrained due to the impact of Covid-19 and the global retraction of markets. This means it is essential that whatever efforts your team put in place, return a strong return on investment.

Contact Algorithm to find out how the Market Share Analysis can drive more leads and revenue for your business.

29 Jul 2020 07:57