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Weekly SEO update from Algorithm Agency - 10 July 2020

Every Friday, our team meets to discuss what is happening in the SEO world, how it impacts us and our clients, and what we can do to ensure that we utilise our skills, processes and tools to continue to provide quality SEO solutions and services.
GoogleBot is able to add products to your shopping cart

Google Bot is now able to add items to a shopping cart on your site. This is to ensure that pricing on your website is correct and that websites are not violating any Google Merchant or Shopper policies.

This automated system process helps protect shoppers from websites where, for example, the price of a product is not visible until checkout or incorrect pricing is advertised to lure customers.

However, this may cause website owners to see an increase in shopping cart abandonment. Because Google Bot is being used for this process, you may be able to block the bot from crawling your cart or adjust and filter behaviours on your analytics settings to ensure that it does not temper with your reports.

Semantic keywords

What is a semantic keyword? Semantic keywords are words or phrases that are related to each other or have similar meanings. It is critical to understand their importance and how they work. Semantic keywords are not to be confused with long-tail keywords. They help identify the meaning and intent behind your target keywords.

Having the correct semantics can increase your chances of ranking for the same topic using different related search terms. Semantic keywords are especially important for your page content. They will guide your content writing or writers on keyword usage and ensure that you have relevant, quality content on your website.

Images as a source of traffic

A new Google Images update has created a new way for website owners to drive traffic to their websites. Last week, Google added more context to images displayed on Google image search.

Google pulls the context from the Google Knowledge Graph and displays it underneath the images. This makes images more appealing and encourages users to engage with the image, ultimately getting them to land on the website for more context.

What can we do to take advantage of this update? Implementing Schema is a great way to provide image context, seeing as it is already a way to get knowledge graphs. Another way to improve Google image search is to implement Image alt tags on your images. This also gives Google and users context on the image they are viewing.

For any of your digital performance strategy or guidance from search engine optimisation to conversion rate optimisation, contact Algorithm Agency.

Weekly SEO update from Algorithm Agency - 10 July 2020
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Khethinkosi Mthimkhulu is an SEO Specialist with a background in sales and customer service. Mthimkhulu is self-driven and is always ready to learn and improve her skills and knowledge.

20 Jul 2020 11:56