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Weekly SEO update from Algorithm Agency - 3 July 2020

Every Friday, our team meets to discuss what is happening in the SEO world, how it impacts us and our clients, and what we can do to ensure that we utilise our skills, processes, and tools to continue to provide quality SEO solutions and services.
Khethinkosi Mthimkhulu
Khethinkosi Mthimkhulu
Content vs backlinks. Which is better for your product pages?

Backlinks used to work wonders for SEO, however, using them incorrectly can do more harm than good to your website and rankings. This is particularly true is you have backlinks to bad or less than reputable sites.

Quality content is important for your product pages for a number of reasons. It helps increase page rankings, but most importantly, it keeps your users engaged and can ultimately result in conversions. Your ultimate goal is to get your user to purchase your product! Well written, user-friendly content will increase your authority on your product subject and aid your consumer trust.

Bing webmaster ranking factor update

The Bing Search Engine has published an updated version of their webmaster guidelines. Here is a list of factors that Bing looks at when ranking content:
  • Relevance
  • Quality & Credibility
  • User Engagement
  • Freshness: Up-to-Date Content
  • Location
  • Page Load Time
The factor that stood out for us was site speed. A healthy site should have an LCP (Largest Contentful Paint) measurement of 2.5 seconds or faster. In order to ensure that our websites conform to the page load time guideline, we recommend that you run a monthly page speed audit and implement fixes.

Our Page Speed Auditing tool assists us with identifying pages with site speed errors and we are then able to implement fixes, thus improving the overall LCP of the site and increasing page rankings.

StayKeen - A new source of traffic

Google has created a new source of traffic called Keen. Keen will prove to be a very powerful source of traffic for websites because it proactively recommends content to users.

Keen is a machine learning tool/app that recommends relative content and web pages to clients based on their interests and what they engage with. This is a powerful tool in the sense that it does not rely on search but rather proactively suggests content.

Keen is still in its infancy and is currently under experiment. The App is currently only available for Androids but we expect it will be available on iOS soon. We are excited to see how Keen will grow and how it may impact SEO in the near future.

For any of your digital performance strategy or guidance from Search Engine Optimisation to Conversion Rate Optimization, contact Algorithm Agency.

8 Jul 2020 13:32