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Weekly SEO update from Algorithm Agency - 26 June 2020

Every Friday, our team meets to discuss what is happening in the SEO world, how it impacts us and our clients, and what we can do to ensure that we utilise our skills, processes, and tools to continue to provide quality SEO solutions and services.
Khethinkosi Mthimkhulu
Khethinkosi Mthimkhulu
New Google My Business attributes

Google My Business has added four new attributes:
  • Online Care
  • Online Appointment
  • Online Estimates
  • Online Classes
These are appearing more frequently due to the rise in companies migrating online because of lockdown restrictions. Businesses are now able to add these and existing attributes to their Google My Business profile. This will allow them to show up in SERPs for relevant queries.

Search Console and Analytics Report merge

Google has given website owners a beta testing update where Google Search Console and Analytics data will be merged into one report that will be accessed from both services.

This report will be beneficial in the sense that data correlation will be easier because the data will be available and visible side by side. Analytics tracks user activity on a website and Search Console tracks user activity in SERPs. Having this data side by side will assist with understanding and identifying the website’s overall performance more.

This is a great development and we feel that we will benefit greatly from this report. It is still early stages of development so we do encourage website owners to stay alert and check for developments as they come through over the next few weeks.

The benefits of implementing Schema

Schema is not a ranking factor, however, it improves search results, thus increasing the click-through rate and ultimately, traffic to the site.

There are many types of schema codes, and if used correctly in correlation with your services or products, visibility will increase depending on search queries.

According to case studies conducted by several companies, implementing FAQ schema allowed them to be visible above the PAA Box (People Also Asked Box). This improved the CTR because the search results were more visible.

Implementing product mark-up with aggregate offer increases the possibility of a page showing up as a Snippet. This also increases the CTR due to visibility.

Schema is often not prioritised because it is not a ranking factor, but it is a great way to help your website stand out from your SEO competitors.

For any of your digital performance strategy or guidance from Search Engine Optimisation to Conversion Rate Optimization, contact Algorithm Agency.

1 Jul 2020 17:00