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Interview tips for graduates

Looking for a job is not an easy task. Interviews are challenging for both the interviewee and interviewer. From the interviewee's point of view, the challenge is showcasing one's talents and personality. The interviewer is grappling with which questions to ask the candidate to see past the nerves. Ultimately both parties are looking for an alignment of values, energy and vision.
Interview tips for graduates

The buzz around 3D printing is exciting and presents a world of opportunities for printing companies and their prospective employees and clients. We spoke to Craig Williamson, the manager at Jetline in Rosebank, to find out what traits he looks for when hiring employees.

Craig is known for excellent service and putting customers first. Another admirable quality that makes Jetline Rosebank a choice before many is the level of respect and professionalism Craig displays when dealing with clients. Below are the traits Craig looks for when looking at prospective employees.


As individuals, we expect loyalty from our friends and family. The same applies to the professional world. Employers are looking for loyal employees who give them peace of mind - that their business' interests and clients will be a priority.


Growth is one of the primary reasons for any business being in existence. Employers are looking for go-getters to innovate processes, products and services - to ensure that the company is offering relevant products that meet customer expectations.

Commitment and honesty

A relationship between an employer and employee should be based on trust and honesty. A commitment from both parties to act in the best interests of the business and its clients is vital.


Communication is the heartbeat of any business. Employees need to be able to communicate clearly, respectfully and professionally with all stakeholders.

The job-hunting process is never easy, ask for help and never give up. There are various graduate programmes that are there to assist graduates with advice and information, such as the IIE Rosebank College Graduate Empowerment Programme which has placed over 12,000 IIE graduates from Rosebank College in employment, since 2012.

16 Oct 2020 11:50