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Redefine your retail valentine

Valentine's Day is more than just the legend of love and the drive to create campaigns that capture customers and cast brands in soft shades of red. It's an opportunity to cement a brand in the mind of the consumer and to explore fresh and exciting ways of building brand identity and leveraging the holiday of love. What does this mean for the retailer?
Redefine your retail valentine
The answer lies in diversity, experimentation and thinking differently about how to approach consumers when it comes to advertising and reach.

Brands need to think differently about who they target in the month of love. Valentine’s Day isn’t just the traditional couple that buys a loved-up gift for one another anymore. The market has expanded significantly.

With all this information in mind, how can retailers stand out? What should they be doing to catch the eye of the busy consumer and how can they leverage existing tools to drive engagement? By working with platforms that understand the importance of experimentation and that can support the need to think differently about delivering value in-store. Organisations have to unlock retail growth through the use of campaigns that recognise the importance of being more than just another voice in the crowd.

Valentine’s Day retail marketing ideas should form a holistic ecosystem that includes email, online, advertising, print and touchpoint engagement across the omnichannel. Using a platform such as Smart Media, brands can expand their Valentine’s Day messaging beyond just the traditional and into more diverse markets. Pets, friends, LGBTQ+ – the market is as varied and interesting as products on offer so now is the time to invest into messaging that speaks to this variety. Use in-store media mixes to talk to customers throughout their shopping experience by creating just that, experiences. By showing them new ideas and fresh concepts for Valentine’s Day, you’re pulling your brand out of the shadows and into the limelight.

Take advantage of promotions that allow you to spread your brand advertising into new markets and to talk to new people. Find and build your own unique road through the mix to build a brand presence that will be remembered well beyond Valentine’s Day. Smart Media has just launched a Valentine’s Day special that your brand can use to build traction this month – book one full page in either Benefits or Parent & Child Magazine and receive a half-page in the other magazine for free. You can find out more right here.

12 Feb 2020 14:37