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MegaVision Media reaches for the sky!

We are always taking it to the next level and this time around MegaVision Media branded a sky-high crane for Shancon Projects.
Considering that MegaVision Media is famous for in-store marketing and advertising, branding cranes on a construction site is not something we get a chance to do every day. So, when Emma Rosen, one of our sales executives, had the opportunity to get involved, she jumped at the challenge. The crane was branded using PVC mesh, as this material is lightweight yet strong and wind regulating, making it most suitable for the platform.

Rosen mentioned that although flighting took longer than expected, the installation went smoothly. The crane was used as a ladder for the flighting team, which made it that much easier getting to the top.

This was one of the many exciting projects we have executed this year. Well done to our team!
17 Mar 2017 13:39