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R Squared formally partners with syndicated agencies

R Squared announces a formal partnership with industry leaders such as iProspect and Posterscope of the international Dentsu Aegis Network. The move from informal collaboration to formal syndication partnerships provides all R Squared clients with a syndicated network of expert skills and services to amplify their influencer marketing campaigns.
Stéphane Rogovsky
Stéphane Rogovsky
Says Stéphane Rogovsky, CEO of R Squared: “We often find that influencer marketing campaigns are siloed by clients outside of their normal paid-for media and social commerce strategies. With this move we empower clients to truly integrate influencer marketing into their overall marketing and advertising strategies.”

The agency works with existing client agencies where they are available; but should there be a need for further syndication assistance, the agency partner network is at the ready. Services include digital Out Of Home to broadcast influencer messages across innovative channels, the marrying of paid media with influencer marketing campaigns to optimise budgets, performance marketing through opted-in audiences and social commerce by bringing shoppable posts into influencer’s feeds.

“Programmatic can also be used to bring the world of programmatic into your sphere of influence, and to bring the authenticity of an influencer into the world of programmatic,” adds Rogovsky.

Says Clare Trafankowska, Managing Director at iProspect SA: “We are delighted and incredibly excited to be able to partner with R Squared on what we believe to be a pioneering approach to influencer marketing.”

Expert syndicated partnerships can bring authentic, personal messages to a wider audience and ensure that influencer marketing campaigns take place within an ecosystem where reach is amplified by emotion, and where the human touch is enhanced by technology.

Explains Trafankowska: “Influencer marketing increasingly offers brands opportunities to address consumers with greater relevancy and perspective, but with authenticity and credibility provided through the association. Taking it to the next level and augmenting these influential conversations within the broader digital ecosystem not only enhances the influencer profile and visibility but also enables the brand to broaden its scope of reach and brand saliency.”

Concludes Rogovsky: “We are proud of our syndicated collaborations with truly powerful agencies around the world. Together we are creating real personalities for real brands. Whilst not every client requires this type of syndication model, we believe that it’s an essential service offering for influencer marketing both now and in the future.”

15 Sep 2020 11:17