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OLX joins the millionaires club on social media

OLX South Africa's combined social media following crossed the million mark. The milestone goes to show the success of the world's leading marketplace in establishing its relevance to South Africans.
OLX's local team celebrating the milestone
OLX's local team celebrating the milestone

"Our strategy is simple. We have made great efforts to genuinely get to know our audience and to use this insight to drive our content strategy. With an 86% increase in engagement from last year, it's clear that the strategy deeply resonates with our audience and is working. OLX has been one of South Africa's preferred marketplaces to buy and sell goods for the last six years, innovating our platform at every turn. So, we're sticking to what we know but extending this to social media."

The OLX South Africa Facebook page leads the charge with over 930,000 fans followed by Twitter with over 20,000 followers. Twitter has seen an astounding 78% growth in the past year. Instagram, YouTube and People's Side Bae pages, make up the final numbers to reach over 1,000,000 fans.

Understanding our OLX community is tantamount to defining our content strategy and improving the quality of our user support. We offer our users multiple opportunities to interact with us, including our help centre on the app and website, email, fraud hotline, and across social media. As the key 'connectors', our social media pages are a vital cog in our content mix," says OLX's Head of Marketing, Karla Levick.

The social media team strives to add value on both a practical and aspirational level. OLX will continue this momentum they have worked hard to build with a focus on content marketing this year.

10 Apr 2018 11:30