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Natural phenomenon of winter: Migration to warmer places

Winter is a great time to travel. The days can be mild and warm in many parts of South Africa and these mild temperatures can make for more enjoyable journeys when travelling by car. Favourite destinations are less crowded and restaurants offer heart-warming winter meals.
Natural phenomenon of winter: Migration to warmer places
Will your audience be migrating to warmer places this winter? Much like the winter natural phenomenon of the Sardine Run up the east coast of South Africa when millions of this fish species migrate northwards.

Starting in May every year the sardines arrive along the coast of KwaZulu-Natal. They swim from where they spawn in the cold waters of the Agulhas Bank of the Southern Cape Coast to reach the warmer tides of our east coast.

Feasting on these fish are seals, whales, dolphins, birds, fishermen and the lucky ones on the shore that are able to fill their buckets, hats, shirts, skirts or anything with their share of this seemingly unlimited supply of sardines.

And then by the end of July they have disappeared almost as unexpectedly as they arrived, this wonderful spectacle in the ocean.

Natural phenomenon of winter: Migration to warmer places

Likewise winter is a great time for consumers to migrate to warmer places around the country.

The AutoReach Winter School Holiday Promotion is fast approaching. AutoReach provides a unique platform connecting you with your consumers at a time when they need something to interest them and all the other in-car entertainment has lost its attraction. Promotional items will be handed to road-travellers at toll plazas and filling stations on South Africa’s national routes.

Natural phenomenon of winter: Migration to warmer places

You can reach this mobile audience with its unique mindset and money to spend from 30 June to 24 July this year, by contacting the AutoReach Sales Team right now: Cindy (), Andy (), Kat () or Tertia () for a customised quotation or you can call 011 478 5477.

Remember: You do not have the take the entire Winter Package. Tell your Sales Executive when you want to distribute your items, where you want your items distributed, what it is you want to distribute and how many items you have in mind. Our minimum quantity per distribution point is 10,000 items.

So why not warm the hearts of your consumers this winter with AutoReach?

You can also follow us on Instagram at autoreach_promotions.

AutoReach supports the rules of the road. Drive safely.

Natural phenomenon of winter: Migration to warmer places

11 May 2017 09:51


Jake Nolson
It's sad ... !
Posted on 11 May 2017 10:23
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