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Road travellers during peak times of the year

AutoReach announces their Easter 2017 in-car activation packages

On 31 March thousands of road-travellers will be leaving Gauteng on different routes heading towards their favourite holiday destinations. Did you know Easter is the second-biggest consumer spend period and time for the first school term break of the year?
AutoReach announces their Easter 2017 in-car activation packages
AutoReach provides a unique platform for connecting with your consumers at a time when they are bored, when they need something to interest them and all the other in-car entertainment has lost its attraction.

It is this mindset of road-travellers that gives you the opportunity to hand out a promotional item that will surprise and delight at a time when boredom has set in. They will play with it, eat it if it is edible and drink it if it is drinkable. They will read your brand story and they will decide to act on your offer if it is good.

AutoReach offers three different opportunities for a brand connection during Easter:
  • Easter School Holiday (including Easter Long Weekend): 31 March – 18 April 2017
  • The ‘Exit to Moria’ Taxi Pack: 12–17 April 2017
  • Freedom to Workers’ Day: 27 April – 1 May 2017
This new year means nothing if you are still stuck in your comfort zone! You need to move to where the magic happens; where The AutoReach Moment puts your brand into the consumer’s hand.

The AutoReach Team will be visiting advertising/media agencies as well as direct clients during the months of February and March. You can also contact the AutoReach Sales Team: Cindy (), Andy (), Kat () or Tertia () for a customised quotation on 011 478 5477.

Remember: You do not have to take an entire Easter Package. Tell your Sales Executive when you want to distribute your item, where you want your items distributed, what it is you want to distribute and how many items you have in mind. Our minimum quantity per distribution point is 10,000 items and bulkier items may attract a higher rate due to transport and storage costs.

AutoReach puts brands into hands, creating maximum impact and enthusing brand love.

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8 Feb 2017 10:08


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