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AutoReach: Move your brand from a mere acquaintance to a lasting relationship

AutoReach In-Car Activations is part of the Siyakhula Advertising and Public Relations Group of Companies. In 1989, known as TollReach Promotions, the company pioneered the concept of handing out goodie bags to road travellers at toll plazas on national routes, now almost 27 years ago.
As a result of electronic toll collection proposals along the N3, AutoReach extended their in-car activations to filling station promotions in 2013. AutoReach offers a very unique touchpoint with a mobile audience on their way to a holiday destination, sports or cultural event, with a relaxed frame of mind and spending power. "Oftentimes radio frequencies cannot be picked up and outdoor billboards are not legalised on the national routes, but AutoReach can reach this mobile audience," Cindy-Lee van Kradenburg, AutoReach Senior Sales Executive explains.

AutoReach offers three types of promotions: Holiday Promotions are designed to reach the highest volume of traffic, in the shortest time and at the most cost-effective rate during school holidays and long weekends; Tactical Promotions are designed to reach sport junkies and festival-goers heading to various events around the country; and Dedicated Promotions can be tailor-made at almost any time to suit a client’s individual needs.

As the AutoReach touchpoints offer moments of direct contact with consumers, items for distribution should be in line with client objectives, creating maximum impact with the consumer. ‘Putting brands into hands’ enjoys a significant advantage of being both a pleasant surprise and a delightful reinforcement of brand identity, creating a real affinity for the brand.

The AutoReach Jockeys, recruited from underprivileged and rural areas, are uniformed and trained to entertain and ‘surprise and delight’ the motorist. The interesting thing about surprise is that it seems to strengthen the individual’s frame of mind at the time, “Combine happiness with surprise, and you hit the upper register of the feeling-good scale.” (Harvard Business Review).

The AutoReach Sales Team is now selling opportunities for:

Winter School Holidays (24 June – 17 July 2016) reaching 323,000 vehicles

Women’s Day Long Weekend (5–9 August 2016) reaching 140,000 vehicles

Spring School Holidays (30 September – 9 October 2016) reaching 195,000 vehicles

JHB Cycle Challenge (17–21 November 2016) reaching 95 000 vehicles

Matric Vac (26 November – 4 December 2016) reaching 200,000 vehicles

Summer Magic Coastal (5&6, 9–24 December 2016) reaching 665,000 vehicles

Back-to-School & Reality (27 December 2016 – 13 January 2017) reaching 563,000 vehicles

The Midmar (10-13 February 2017) reaching 14,000 vehicles

The Dusi (15–18 February 2017) reaching 14,000 vehicles

Easter School Holidays (31 March – 18 April 2017) reaching 683,00 vehicles

The ‘Exit to Moria’ Taxi Pack (12–17 April 2017) handing out 105,000 items

Freedom to Workers’ Day (27 April – 1 May 2017): reaching 150,000 vehicles

Clients can even tailor-make their own promotions within the dates and touchpoints displayed here.

For more information about the AutoReach distribution opportunities at toll plazas and filling stations on South Africa’s national routes, contact Cindy, Kat or Tertia on 011 478 5477 or go to or follow us on Instagram at Autoreach_Promotions.

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