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Six leisure activities that can boost employee productivity

Running a business can be a lot of work and that's why you have all those employees around to ease the stress and contribute to the development of the company.
As an employer, your main aim would be the development of your company, and this can only be achieved when competent employees are at work. One thing that should always be on your mind is how to get the best out of the employees, how to make them give the best they have to offer to the growth of the company, and how to increase their productivity level.

It is important to know that a motivated employee is a great asset to the company while a demoralised one is a liability and could be very destructive if care is not taken.

Have you noticed that the productivity level of your employees are running low by the day, or do they continually show signs of exhaustion? Below are six leisure activities to help you boost their productivity:

1. “Guess Who?”

This is a participative fun game. It’s fun right from the beginning to the end and is always full of laughter. This game entails you putting up a childhood photograph of an employee and have the rest of them guess who it is. Imagine all that fun and the positive effects it would have on their productivity.

2. Birthday bash for “celebrants of the month”

It’s not too much if you decide to honour the celebrants of the month by organising a little get-together where everyone has a nice time. During this mini-event, your employees get to catch up with each other, chat away, drink, eat and make merry. Working at your company suddenly becomes thrilling.

3. Playing games

Employees are used to getting to work immediately they arrive at the premises, but how about you change things up? Surprise them with a day filled with fun. Let them play games like dart-throwing, chess, ping-pong, cards and lots more. You can even take them out to play golf. You would be surprised at how effective they will be after this leisure moment.

4. Invite their favourite celebrity to work

Conduct a poll and find out the favourite celebrity of your employees. Right after then, invite the celebrity over to have a small talk with them or sing to them or even take pictures with them. Trust me, after the doing this, your employees would know that you respect their opinions and you don’t only need them for work purposes. This would lead into a higher employee productivity level.

5. Amazing run

Your employees are most definitely used to being around the four walls of the company, so giving them something different won’t be a bad idea. Divide them into groups and send them on a bounty race to find some hidden goodies at certain locations. Give them clues to finding the goodies and whatever group find it wins – and gets rewarded.

6. Vacation

The best leisure activity you can give to your employees that will boost their productivity is taking them on a vacation. You could have them go camping or go on a road trip together. Anyone you go with is fine, just be sure they have a fun-filled vacation.

Whatever you choose, just be creative as an employer. Take your time to introduce your employees to these leisure activities and see the great effect it would have on their productivity level. They will not only become more productive, they would also be closely knitted and become more of a team than they ever were.

27 Jan 2017 10:24