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Seven ways a blog can grow your business

The main purpose of starting a business is to see it grow, expand into what can sustain us - and our dreams and lifestyle, and make that money. Yes, aside from starting a business to fulfill that passion, the end goal for us all is making money.
Establishing this fact, wouldn’t you rather look for foolproof ways to grow your business fast, and start making as much as you want? Wouldn’t you want to reach more people, connect with more people, and thereby make more sales, and see your business skyrocket? Yes, you would. A blog can lead you on the right path and nudge you closer to the heights you so much desire.

To start, what is a blog?

A blog is an informal website. It is regularly updated, typically operated by an individual or small team, and very easy to use and maintain. It basically allows you manipulate and restructure your website as you wish.

Below are seven reasons you need a blog to grow your business:

1. Drives traffic to your website

The more you blog, the more you get indexed by search engines. In short, blogging can help drive tons of traffic to your website. These people are the ones that will click on your lead-ins, thereby becoming potential customers/clients. Blogging fuels SEO. And according to, the more valuable your content is, the faster your site grows by virtue of organic traffic.

2. Serves as an easy-to-use communication tool

You probably have a website which you do not update as much as you’d like because of all the technicalities involved. A blog is very easy to use, and it allows for simple manipulations. It’s an easy-to-use platform for connecting with your customers and sharing valuable information with them.

3. Makes marketing easy

Your blog is the center of all your marketing efforts. You can easily connect all your social media account to your blog – it’s a great fodder for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

4. Helps project company voice

A blog is a great place to talk about new products and services. You easily connect with prospective customers, share your company’s initiative beyond your website and let your brand’s personality shine. You can easily connect with customers through the comment section, do a survey and ask for their preferences and how you can serve them better, and generally increase your business’ goodwill.

5. Keeps you ahead

Blogging can help your business stay ahead and stay relevant in your field. Write on trending topics or controversial topics that has to do with your expertise and battle it out in the comments section. A business that engages the market ultimately wins.

6. Makes you an authority

A blog can also help you become an authority in your field. Constantly uploading valuable content will publicise your brand and put your company on the level of authorities in your field. If prospective customers find the answers to their questions via your blog post, they are more likely to purchase your products and pay for your services because they trust that you know what you’re talking about.

7. Helps you know your audience more

Blogging gives you a better insight into your audience and helps you decide on what they prefer. Your site analytics allows you to track readers, popular topics, click-throughs, shares, comments, etc. You get a free ride into the minds of your readers which helps you better anticipate their needs, and helps you modify your offerings.

These are just seven ways a blog can grow your business. There are several more ways your business can benefit from having a blog not mentioned here. Bottom line is: if you’re yet to start blogging for your company, then start now.

11 Aug 2016 12:51