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Smartphones are used everywhere, all the time

In a recent survey with 407 smartphone owners, Columinate confirmed the notion that smartphones are indeed used all the time and everywhere. The inquiry into smartphone behaviour was commissioned by Vodacom to establish how people use their smartphones and, more specifically, apps. The research was used to guide Vodacom's strategy for the launch of its app store on 1 September 2011.
Smartphones are used everywhere, all the time
In a recent survey, 407 smartphone users opened up to Columinate about using their smartphones all the time, everywhere. Of these users, 57% use their phones several times a day, and 31% perform some smartphone activity every waking hour of their day. These nifty little gadgets come in handy everywhere, particularly at home, while on-the-go and at work.

So what is someone doing when their eyes are glued to that little smartphone screen? Most likely things they can do on their PCs like browsing the internet, checking emails and social networking. Although taking photos, sending instant messages and listening to music are also popular with this crowd.

Multitasking is all part of a smartphone user's day, and over half of these users can be seen on their phones while waiting in queues, commuting, eating, socialising, travelling on holiday and shopping. In fact, 54% are not shy to use their phones while using the bathroom...something to think about next time you receive an instant message from someone!

No activity seems to escape smartphones. 29% sneak in smartphone usage during meetings, 27% while driving a vehicle, and 13% while exercising.

So how loyal are these users to their beloved smartphones? If given an ultimatum, 57% would give up newspapers - probably because they can keep up to date with news on their phones. 45% would give up beer and 43% would abandon chocolate for their phones.

The simultaneous consumption of traditional media and smartphone facilities is astonishing. 90% stated that they interact with other media during smartphone usage, with television (46%) and radio (41%) being the main traditional media channels mentioned.

As smartphone penetration grows in South Africa, marketers are being introduced to new and exciting channels with which to engage consumers. This extends to including smartphones in traditional media campaigns to reach a greater target audience.

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6 Oct 2011 11:24



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