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Columinate: pioneering online research specialists

Columinate is deemed South Africa's specialist online marketing and website research company. By uniting collaboration and illumination, the company's boutique research offering gives valued clients the opportunity to explore innovative research approaches and gain from fast, cost-effective, superior insights.
Specialist Online Research Offerings

Columinate: pioneering online research specialists
Across the globe companies have moved towards online research to better engage participants, while harnessing the advantages of speed, quality and cost-effectiveness. In South Africa, with internet penetration achieving new heights and certain segments already well-represented online, it is possible to immediately gain from international trends and learnings, and to apply these in a local context. Columinate's online research expertise extends across four innovative platforms to meet and exceed client expectations.

1. Market Research Online Communities (MROCs): these communities convene in a private virtual site with social network and research capabilities, where hundreds or even thousands of invited customers or employees regularly spend time engaging in research activities, brainstorming ideas, offering advice, sharing experiences and feelings, discussing trends, and helping you better understand your business and related marketing issues. An MROC is able to offer insights at a fixed cost per month (we call it a research buffet), making it particularly commercially viable when compared to more traditional modes of inquiry. Columinate can systematically gather extensive qualitative, ethnographic and even quantitative data over a period of time to present its clients with actionable insights in tailor-made reports.

At the 2010 SAMRA Conference, Gunilla Broadbent, President of ESOMAR, described how MROCs have grown very popular across Europe and the US, with many clients achieving great success with this method. Columinate has pioneered the use of this approach in South Africa and continues to be the only provider of the service to various blue-chip organisations in the country.

2. Online Surveys: these offer a quick and cost-effective way to solicit quantitative feedback from consumers or employees compared to face-to-face or telephonic research. For exceptional representation of your organisation, Columinate has a skilled in-house design team to brand all surveys and invitations sent to online survey participants. We also utilise a sophisticated system to monitor and track email invitations sent to participants in order to maximise response rates.

3. Online Panel Surveys: these allow you to gain insights from our panel of pre-profiled consumers, which is representative of the country's online population, both quickly and cost-effectively. Once a questionnaire has been signed off, you can expect top-line results to be delivered within a day or two, and a full report in 7-14 days!

4. Website Research: this is used to assemble in-depth information about website visitors and goes beyond the static nature of traditional website analytics. Columinate offers you multiple marketing research methods to gather insights on your website's visitors. The most popular is Columinate's SITEisfaction measure, which allows web developers and decision-makers to determine what changes and improvements will enhance their visitors' overall satisfaction with their website. SITEisfaction also determines loyalty drivers to maximise revisit intention and grow the eventual bottom-line. SITEisfaction holds many other advantages and is flexible enough to be applied to any website.

South Africa's Specialist Online Research Company

Columinate members, as experts in innovative online research, are able to provide market research solutions that go beyond traditional routines in order to yield better, faster and more cost-effective insights. Contact Columinate () to request an obligation-free demonstration of the MROC platform, or a presentation or brochure with information on any other offerings. Visit for more information.

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