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Robin Adams appointed as Hearty Breakfast producer

Feisty and dynamic Robin Adams is the new producer for the Hearty Breakfast show on Heart 104.9FM.
The weekend sports reporter comes to the station with vast radio experience and a spirited and vibrant energy - ready to give the Cape Town radio industry a fresh and innovative product.

Says Adams: "I am very excited about my move to Heart 104.9FM and am also a firm believer in hard work, coupled with well-thought out novel and wacky concepts. I would like to change the way radio is perceived in the industry. I was also Aden Thomas' (current Hearty Breakfast Show host) A plus-student in 1999 and am so looking forward to now being his boss!"
3 Apr 2006 09:04


Oh no-
okay guess what, now you going to be hearing prank calls, song parodies and possibly a listerner choice music mix.(where have i heard those things before, THE FASTLANE maybe) Welcome to the new EGO in town its, getting bigger and bigger, no wonder no one at the SABC wants to work with him anymore......Aden arent u glad your leaving seeing you have a "new boss"....HEARTIES guys gannie werkie....
Posted on 4 Apr 2006 16:33
Yo Yo Wasup-
Heart likes to employ people with an accent, like “Yo Yo Wasup Cape Town”, so therefore I’m sure that they must have misread Robins CV and saw ATLANTAs. Az always you must be a hollnut.
Posted on 5 Apr 2006 10:12
The Ego has landed-
Who the hell is writing up all this publicity bullsh*** for Heart. OK, they do advertise on Bizz but really ... Robin Adams'vast radio experience - Pleezz. He's a bus driver who stuffed around at radio atlantis on the SA west coast (not USA) ... Radio atlantis is the equivalent of giving a guy at the hypermarket 5 cds and asking him to play music for the shoppers over the shops worn out public address system. Only difference is you can actually listen to the hypermarket DJ's attempts to communicate ! As for Adams'contribution at No Hope - well he read out the sports results and news ... now he calls himself Aden's boss. (Gimme a break) ! Get ready for more boring shite that can be copied anywhere. And if Aden was worth his salt he'd do his own homework. He's as lazy as the rest of the plebs they've got at heart who are clueless about what's really going on !
Posted on 6 Apr 2006 10:44
Rad Fad
Re: The Ego Has landed-
Whoever this Justine person is, she obviously knows nothing about Robin, Aden, or Heart 104.9! Wherever I go, people prefer to listen to Heart anyway. Justine, get a life. May Heart grow from strength to strength!
Posted on 6 Apr 2006 11:54
Robin's Ego-
Sure Robin ! Say hi to Aden
Posted on 6 Apr 2006 14:41
Kurty -
Get back to work Kurt T.P
Posted on 7 Apr 2006 06:25
Jay Bro-
Right!!! 100 % agreement
Posted on 7 Apr 2006 06:27
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